Saturday, 4 June 2011

Life after

So, I’ve been home a week.

Usually, when I can’t get something out of my head, it’s something bad, something annoying, something I wish I’d done differently, better, or not at all. It’s a continuous, tortuous nightmare that goes round and round my head, driving me to distraction and much itching (my eczema tends to be stress related…)

This time, it’s a good thing that I can’t get out of my head, I think about it so many times, everyday. It’s driving me to distraction, but not itching. (It doesn’t help that I’m catching up with other peoples’ reports and photographs, it gets a bit obsessive!)

Get the feeling I’ll be back.

Especially as I’ve already had a vague look at a couple of routes, not the ones I’ve already saved, new ones. Oh dear.

The healing is going well. I was able to remove the Compeed from my heel whilst I was still at the hotel, much to Laura’s delight, but I haven’t yet tested the new skin out much, it looks a bit delicate still.

SDC11746I think the yellow bits surrounded by red are where the  depth of the blisters were

I’ve realised that I probably didn’t feel them as I should have done because I was taking painkillers for my shoulder injury at the time and it obviously dulled the pain in my heel. Still, that meant I could keep going because I was oblivious. Was a bit of a mess according to TTS who had to patch it up in Braemar. Good lad. I have noticed a lack of sensation in that area though. Hopefully, that’ll improve in time.

The shoulder is appears to be completely better. I’ve had no pain or discomfort since last weekend, so that’s good.

I’ve been looking at new kit. I have decided, however, that most of it will not be purchased for a year or two yet, if at all. I will replace bits as and when they need to be, for instance, my waterproof jacket. I like my Quattro, but I think I need something more substantial or maybe just different for a Challenge experience. I’m researching.

Oh well, back to real life.



Alan Sloman said...

So that's gone from a 'maybe' to plotting routes for next years then...

I can see another Leg-End in the making here. You'll need to let TTS come too, you know.

Louise said...

I've yet to get a definite 'yes' that I'm allowed to apply for next years, but I am working on that and as he's decided he wants to be a teacher in his next career, he may have shot himself fimly in the foot! Meanwhile, he has more Munros under his belt than I do, so I figure a few Challenges under mine is fair.

See you there!

Alan R said...

I got a really bad blister on the heel when i walked across part of Norway. To say it hurt was an understatement. It was as big as a 2 pound coin.
The reason for my comment is to say although the skin looks as though its strong and has healed it takes quite a time for the skin to adhere properly underneath.
It actually took nearly a year for mine to become fit to backpack.
So don’t push it too much and do some test walks before doing any lengthy trips.
The worst thing is when it tears again for doing too much too soon.
Try moleskin on the heel for the first few outings to give it some protection.

Louise said...

Thanks Alan, that's useful advice. Luckily, Rhiannon has still been on study leave since I got back, she doesn't return to school until this Thursday. As she doesn't 'do' walking, we've been taking it easy together. Apart from the retail therapy on Friday...

Looking at my heel, the new skin and healing still looks very fresh and delicate, so I think it'll be a while before I'm doing more than the odd three mile stroll to the marshes or my regular Monday walk, so hopefully it'll have plenty of time to harden up.

Laura said...

mmmmm! - I see your blog is alright for comments - mine is playing up again today - I can't stay logged in...
Heel is looking a lot better after a little tlc - does all this 'taking it easy' mean you're not able to meet up for a little wander sometime soon?

Louise said...

Ooo, yes, yes, yes! Going a tad stir crazy, Rhiannon finally goes back to school on Thursday, don't why 'study leave' continues for two weeks after the exams have finished.

Hadn't realised quite how much I really had enjoyed all that walking and fresh air, can get a bit addictive, can't it? I can strap that heel up neatly so it won't be a bother, just let me know where and when!