Thursday, 16 June 2011

Icebreaker reviews

I have been asked by the Nature Shop to review two garments from Icebreaker.
Original specifications
Tech t liteTech t lite petal £49 (Photograph pinched from the net)
Versatile Superfine can be worn solo in the heat and layered in cooler conditions. A lightweight system of fine layers designed to travel across seasons and continents, Superfine regulates temperature, is highly breathable, doesn’t hold odour and takes less energy to produce than cotton. 
Our lightest ultrafine merino t-shirt is soft and gentle against the skin. This Icebreaker favourite - now with a stunning floral design - has classic styling and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable, whether you're trekking through a tropical rainforest or running along a beach in midsummer.
New Zealand's tree daisy - featured on this cool new design - is a flower that naturally attracts.
Regular fit
Crewe neck
Set-in sleeves
371051zephyrhoodblizz Icebreaker Zephyr Hood £89 (Photograph pinched from the net)All season lifestyle sweaters, perfect for urban living and travel.

Keep out winter winds with the brand new Zephyr Hood. We're expecting the Zephyr to become one of Icebreaker's most popular styles, thanks to its cosy fabric, shaped hood, essential winter colours and beautiful, nature-inspired prints.
Shaped hood
Set-in sleeves
Forward side seam
Single running stitch graphic embroidery
Icebreaker pip label
Both of these garments arrived in excellent condition. Once removed from their packaging, they could be worn immediately with no worries about creases. There were no problems with the stitching nor any loose threads.
The tech t lite petal t-shirt is a relaxed, shaped fit, suitably styled for active or casual wear. It is soft against the skin and feels light to wear, barely noticeable. The fabric gives excellent temperature control in warm or cool conditions. I wore the t-shirt almost continually for a fortnight for trips to Tesco, gentle strolls,  brisk walks and general lounging around the house with no undue effect on the appearance of the garment or any unpleasant odour. I also happily layered this top with the Zephyr Hood. Weight 106g, weighed on my digital kitchen scales.
The Zephyr Hood is a shaped fit suitable for active or casual wear. Again, it is soft and comfortable to wear in warm and cool temperatures. I regularly layered the Hood with the tech t lite petal t-shirt during similar activities and never had a bundled or restricted feeling and remained at a comfortable temperature. The Hood kept its shape well and remained odour free. Weight 315g, weighed on my digital kitchen scales.
In the end, I washed both of these garments for the purposes of this review, rather than because they needed to be washed. They both washed well and dried quickly. It was my choice not to iron either garment and to wear them again straight away. The t-shirt was a little crumpled initially, but ‘ironed out’ once worn, but the Hood, being a slightly heavier fabric, was un-creased.
SDC11762 Tech t lite petal after first wash
SDC11764 Zephyr Hood after first wash
I received many compliments from friends about both of these garments, the styling and softness of the fabric were the main talking points. I have been delighted with both of these tops as they easily lived up to the my expectations of Icebreaker garments. If there was anything I might change (other than being more adventurous with colour, I must stop being so safe!) it would be the cuffs of the Zephyr Hood. Part of this is just personal preference, I’m not keen on a big cuff, but I actually think it would fit the styling of the top better if they matched the hem and hood of the top.
SDC11768 Cuff against hem
SDC11769 Cuff against hood
However, this is a minor issue and I still loved both of these tops and I know they will play an integral part in my wardrobe, both for everyday wear and as part of my walking gear. They are both already on my kit list for my next Challenge! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of these garments as I think they are versatile and practical as well as excellent quality.
As to Nature Shop, using their site is easy, payment straightforward and delivery prompt. The items were packaged simply but effectively, there was no damage or unnecessary creasing to the garments. All round an excellent experience and thank you to Katarina for having given me this opportunity, it was actually great fun!


John J said...

Good heavens Louise, how you've changed - you didn't look like that on the Challenge!


Louise said...

The Challenge is certainly a life changing experience!

Phil said...

Ah, maybe not ON the Challenge, John, but after ...

The emaciated frame - the thousand mile stare?

Louise said...

Emaciated indeed. That was a whole stone I lost. A stone! Fading away before my own eyes.
Does blonde suit, do you think?

Alan R said...

And the garments look good too!
And you lost a stone! a whole 14lb or 6350 gr. wow.
Did that include missing out the pubs too?

Louise said...

There were pubs?!

Sadly, I think I could actually count how many pints I had on the whole trip, there were so few. That's really, really sad.