Thursday, 25 November 2010

Retail therapy get out clause

This all started a while ago really. I’d been going through my kit to sort out what I wanted to take with me on the Challenge and to work out what, if anything, I needed or needed replacing. Actually, that could be a fib. I just like new kit. Anyway, I love  my layering system, it works for me, but whilst I’m very happy with my Smartwool base layer (merino is my friend) and bamboo tee-shirt, I wanted a long sleeve merino (as before) mid layer to replace the long sleeve bamboo. (I know, I want never gets…). I also tend to wear legging under my Paclites and the ones I currently use are an old pair of aerobic leggings that I’ve had since my early twenties. So, I’d surfed on and off for a while and picked the Icebreakers (and again…) that fitted the bill. I’d had to make a second choice of top because the one I really desired was unjustifiably expensive, but second choice would do the job. We’d also been discussing new gaiters. Our old ones (that’s not the royal ‘We’ by the way, David was included in this part) were Peter Storm and whilst they’ve done the job so far, we need something better now our walking has evolved into something more serious.

(And breathe.)

Imagine my utter delight when the first choice top was reduced by 40% and P & P free! I did debate for a while if I was maybe being a bit rash, a little hasty perhaps, but all of a sudden, there it was in my virtual basket, card details entered and they were winging their merry little way from NZ! Gosh, how did that happen.

I thought I might as well just go mad, and off I went to Webtogs to look for gaiters and the desired leggings. Rab Hispar gaiters were there, in our sizes and they had been very favourably reviewed in TGO Magazine. The Icebreaker Bodyfit 200 leggings (getting boring now.) were also there, with 10% off and free P & P!

The point, of course, was justifying said purchases.


On arriving home for lunch on Tuesday, darling hubby is welcomed with a peck on the cheek and a cheery,

“Hello darling!”

Suspicion duly aroused, darling husband responds,

“What have you done?”

(Why does he always think a sign of loving affection means I’ve done something?)

“I’ve bought my Christmas present from you to save you the stress and it was a bargain too, so I’ve saved you money!”

“Oh, great! Saves me the bother!”


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