Saturday, 20 November 2010

A good balance

Laura and I met at Bridge of Brown this morning, both of us early again. We set off up the (steep!) road for a short distance, passed the cafe which was closed, to take a track along Allt Iomadaidh. It was a somewhat grey day, but actually not too cold with very little breeze apart from a short stretch up to our highest point of the day. We had a brief shower too, but that was a little later, whilst we were concentrating on keeping our feet dry.


We soon had this view behind us

The track started well, but we knew it wouldn’t last and we were soon splashing our way through puddles and bog, interspersed with a little mincing through the heather.

SDC11017This was a good bit ahead

SDC11018We happened upon this ruin and a brief discussion ensued about good places to pitch.

The track continued on across fairly open moorland with what would have been good views towards the Cairngorms, but there was some low cloud that hid the hills from view.

SDC11019 Would have been the Cairngorms

SDC11021 The view to our left

On we went with red grouse laughing at us all the way along our route, they knew something we didn’t, we thought. Even though we were chatting as we went, we managed to spot the junctions and pay attention to the correct route.

Once again, we were heading uphill and we did pause to look up the path to the top of Tom an t-Suidhe Mhoir and discuss how we would have made our way down off the other side, but not today. At this point, the breeze had picked up and there was a chill in the air. Onwards to find a lunch spot.

Soon, we were going down hill where we had a waterproof faff by the Burn of Brown, which we were to ford. Several times, if we followed the track marked on the map. We decided, however, discretion was the better part of valour. The left hand bank, where we eventually needed to end up, was broad enough to skirt along the edge of the burn without fording, which was a good plan as the burn was quite full and strong today. We met a couple and their dog coming in the other direction and they had obviously made the same decision, he assured us “There is a kind of track all the way.” Kind of was an over statement.

So, we slipped, slid and splashed our way along the bank, it was a tad wet in places, and boggy, but we persevered and David would have been so proud of me as I didn’t end up face down in the mud. Especially after having just claimed to be balancing so well without sticks… (Laugh? Me?)

We continued.

The path took us by a small wooded area and we decided it would provide enough shelter for a lunch break, so a comfy spot was selected and a picnic was had. It was actually a lovely spot with views out across the opposite hill with a ruined farm building, Tom Beag and Tombreck.

After lunch and a comfort break, we continued on up the slightly variable path, with more chatter, splashing, sinking and much giggling. Eventually, a little bridge came into view over the burn back to our cars.

SDC11023 The rushing burn

SDC11024 The photographs don’t do this fabulous mini-gorge justice, the patterns worn into the rocks were beautiful and the water was tumbling with incredible force on it’s way, the noise was tremendous.

SDC11026Beautiful parking

This was a lovely walk! Admittedly, it was a short walk, but we were taking a possible weather situation and lack of daylight into consideration to allow us both to travel safely to and from home.

6.96 miles

2.4 mph average

2 hours 55 minutes walking

1 hour 33 minutes resting/faffing

I had a lovely day and I’m already planning our next route. It seems we’re going to take it in turns to choose and plan a route and perhaps try to out do each other with the amount of mud and bog.

I think I’m winning at the moment.




Laura said...

Good report of our walk - mine will not be appearing as my blogging thing won't load properly - I'm working on it.....
It's worth noting that I recovered more quickly from the 'fall' than you did from the laughing! (Boom boom!) Great fun - looking forward to the next time!

Louise said...

Still making me chortle when I think of it, glad you're all recovered!