Thursday, 25 November 2010

Good stuff

In the previous post, I mentioned Webtogs and their excellent service, particularly free P & P.
This is always a bonus, and this website is one of the few that actually offers what they promise, free P & P. So often, I find I’ve placed items in my virtual basket, gone to checkout only to find that, because I have an IV postcode (included amongst a list of others), I am denied free P & P and would have to fork out as much as £15, or sometimes more! It’s ridiculous and obviously quite unnecessary, as this site proves. Not only that, but I ordered the items just before lunch on Tuesday and they arrived this morning. Fabulous service if you ask me!
And of course, new kit has to be worn. (Although, I did walk with ‘someone’ recently who had a new Paramo jacket, but hadn’t worn it “To keep it clean…”, or “For best!” as I put it.)
So I trotted upstairs, popped the leggings on underneath my Screepants (OTT? Naahh, bl***y freezing up here!) and then zipped up the gaiters and off I went.
Ok, the gaiters might have been overkill, but one just has to do these things.
I went to the marshes, thinking they might have been living up to their reputation. As luck would have it it was remarkably dry, so I kept the gaiters clean. And there weren’t any men with shooty-bang-sticks after the geese either, so that was a bonus.
Of course, I love my new leggings, (merino etc., etc.,) and the gaiters are at least comfortable with no condensation on the inside when I got home. They’ll have more of a test on Sunday on the Girly Walk, the path from Califer Hill to Sourbank is always a nightmare!
SG102401The debris


Phreerunner said...

Very interesting, Louise!

Laura said...

This comment is a bit late as I've only just got round to reading the stuff I missed while I was away in Yorkshire over the the new Paramo - given a previously mentioned fall I was right not to wear it!

Louise said...

I was mentioning no names! However, I guess it was quite lucky you weren't wearing it.