Monday, 28 June 2010


I occasionally suffer migraines. It's a relatively new thing, I haven't suffered all my life and as I know the cause is hormonal, I also know it won't last forever. I hadn't, however, spotted the signals of an impending attack until I started to chat about it with my sister and a few of my friends.
One mentioned a difficulty speaking or thinking of words, which I've realised is something that happens to me. Tends to give me the giggles because I can at times talk complete and utter nonsense. (Although, some might say that was nothing new....) Another mentioned tunnel vision and whilst I don't suffer this, it occured to me that on Saturday, I'd noticed the vision from my left eye seemed strange, as though there was a thin piece of grey fabric across my eye. As the migraine developed in the evening and through the night, the pain was behind my left eye and down the left hand side of the back of my head. Interesting, I thought.
Just need to pay more attention now, so that I'm prepared for the oncoming migraine.


John J said...

As a minor migraine sufferer I'm always on the look out for relief / cures.

The most successful one (for me) is to load up with some sugar as soon as I detect the onset of an attack, this can drastically reduce the severity of the headache or even stop it in it's tracks. I eat a Mars bar, washed down with a (non-alcoholic) drink to speed absorption.

My migraines are stress related, but don't often hit me until after the stressful event.


Louise said...

Hi John J, thanks for the tip, I shall definitely give it a try, although I have to say this one was unusual, it started during the day and I'm usually woken in the early hours when it's all too late.

If I can spot the signals, it would perhaps be an excellent excuse for a snack before bed though!