Friday, 25 June 2010

The fruits of my labour


Actually, I can’t take a lot of credit for the vicious pink fairy cakes, thankfully.

In the background are jars of marmalade and I must say that freezing several nets of Seville oranges so that I can make marmalade when required is very clever, but the need to make was more a need to empty the freezer so I can do the annual defrost and clean thing, groan. I need the practice in the making of marmalade though, to find a happy medium between a slightly soft set, (ahem) and somewhat sticky. Practice makes perfect!

The torte on the left is in fact a Giant Jaffa Cake. It’s fab, even if I do say so myself, and compensation for torture, which I’ll get to.

The vicious pink fairy cakes were made by Ciara and Rhiannon, which I helped to decorate, a little. I confess, it’s my fault the icing is quite so, well, vicious. I was a tad heavy handed with the food colouring. I ended up applying it too, as Ciara couldn’t quite get the hang of it, so she sprinkled the sparkly bits. The Brownies will like them, that’s all that matters and that’s the torture.

It’s Brownie Pack Holiday this weekend, at Kilravock Castle, near Inverness. I don’t know how it happened, but I’d said I’d go too (Ciara is a Guide, but a Pack Leader at her old Brownie Pack, and I’m now a disclosed regular helper. Aren’t I lucky…)

So, really, all this productive activity was in fact just putting off the inevitable. The need to pack. Turns out to be mainly camping kit with a more comprehensible wash bag as we’re not under canvass.

Along with my collection of tents, seems I have a pretty extensive collection of sleeping bags, which I hadn’t realised until I washed the two wrong ones yesterday.

David: “I didn’t mean those ones, they’ll be too hot, I meant the yellow ones.”

Me: “What yellow ones?”

Aedan: “Do you mean these ones?”

David: “Yes!”

Me: “Oh. I dare say they need a wash too…”

It appears we have twelve sleeping bags and the colour referred to is on the inside. Of course! A bag for every occasion.

I’m still procrastinating, I’ll go.

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