Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Got gear!

Things have arrived from afar. David's Paramo jacket and smock have arrived along with new Trezeta boots. We both like Trezeta, my old ones were the most comfortable I'd ever had and never had a blister with them, but then I went right the way through the soles. I'd always wanted a good leather pair, hence the Brashers last year. I don't regret them, I will wear them in, but the odd blister can be frustrating. His are Peak, so we'll see how he gets on with them. I got new socks, see if that helps with the blisters and we got a new tent.

That brings the collection to four now, the palatial family tent, (ridiculous in wind, but necessary for a fortnight family holiday for six, even when you're not tall. It's nice to be able to stand upright), Aedan's tent, usually for garden use but quite functional, our Adrenaline, which may not be lightweight, but is dry and snug for two and we can split the weight between us and now the Falcon Deluxe tent for four, so for a short notice, good weather weekend trip, we can throw that (for the children) and the Adrenline in the boot with minimum 'stuff' and away for a couple of nights. Two bedrooms is necessary for them, now Rhiannon's a teenager and the 'lounge' space could be useful if caught out. Oh, my Montane Anti-freeze arrived too, yey! Shame it's not cold enough to try it out.

No, I didn't really think that, honest.

Yes, I am very excitable, sorry.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the updates on a few of the blogs I've been following about their TGOCs, it's all very inspiring. I just hope my name comes out of the hat and I can have a shot next year. Mind you, just keep applying if I don't I guess! Theirs will all be over by the end of the week and I'll re-read their accounts to see what tips and ideas I can pick up.


Martin Rye said...

Keep training and get a backpacking trip in. That Challenge is getting closer. By the way the Anti-Freeze is a class bit of kit. Not to cold to take wildcamping is that.

Louise said...

Thanks Martin, training's going ok, should get a backpacking/Munro bagging/wildcamping trip in July, if I can persuade mum she wants to look after the four grandchildren on her own for a couple of days! We'll see. Would be a good chance to try out a couple of our new bits of kit.

Phil said...

Hi Louise

I see you've got the dreadful challenge bug. You might like to browse a few more (very varied) challenge accounts that I collected here.

I had to pull out this year :-(

Louise said...

Hi Phil
Thanks for popping by. You might not be surprised to hear I've happened across your blog! It is an invaluble source of information and links, you are bookmarked.

Yes, the challenge bug. Think we can safely say I'd love a shot at it, I'm doing my best to educate myself and get fit enough to give it a go and reading accounts of other peoples journeys is fuelling my facination. I've given myself plenty of time, but I'd hate to be underprepared. I've even chosen the whisky for my hip flask!

Alan Sloman said...

"I've even chosen the whisky for my hip flask!"

Sounds to me like you'll do fine then Louise!

It's all in the mind; this Challenge lark. Good gear helps, but grit & determination gets you there more effectively. That, of couse and having a really good time, whatever the weather.

Louise said...

Thanks Alan, you're right I'm sure. Really glad you had a good Dhallenge this year.

Reading all the accounts so far, this years included, the message does seem to be just keep plodding, take in the view and you'll get there. David carries an electric cattle prod for when I begin to grumble, a dram for if I behave!

The gear was just so we were best equipped within our price range, warm and dry helps one to think straight.

Would be good to meet everyone I've met over the net in the flesh as t'were next year.