Wednesday, 5 September 2018

A Perfect Opportunity

In October 2015, TTS and I nipped up West Lomond, which was a jolly nice walk, but we were restricted to just doing the one hill by time constraints. Last weekend we had the perfect opportunity to go back and nip up East Lomond when we were invited to a surprise 40th birthday party for my dear friend Emma, so we did!

After a good breakfast (well, as good as it gets at Holiday Inn Express) we set off for the hills, leaving the car in the parking area between the two hills. West Lomond had its head in the clouds, but East was still clear. We had a minor faff before setting off to follow the good path uphill. Not surprisingly it was easy going and very enjoyable, the views are really rather good. The last section is a tad steep, but was a breeze for us now with our new found fitness and we were soon joining a few other folk at the toposcope. No sooner were we up there than we were engulfed in cloud and the views disappeared. We still needed to reach the trig, which unusually is not at the highest point, we needed to leave the summit and find it, in the murk. We took the path heading roughly SE off the hill and just as we stopped to get the map and compass out to try to locate the trig I got a brief glimpse of it ahead of us, just off the path, so we headed straight for it. It had a small memorial at the base.


We then just regained the path and headed straight down to the other car park. We tarried a while, taking photographs and reading the information boards, then we headed off again on the path around the base of the hill before re-joining the original path and heading back to the car park. Not surprisingly perhaps, the cloud lifted before we got back to the car. A nice little stroll!

Roughly a total of 5.68km and 164 m ascent.

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