Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Popping up a Munro, just for fun!

Monday 27th August
Well, now that I am super fit, I really want to make the most of it, and occasionally I just want to see exactly how fit I am, so as it was a Bank Holiday weekend (not in Scotland, but David got one anyway) we decided to pop up a Munro. It was in fact one that I tried to bag nearly six years ago, but after reaching the bothy last time I’d decided I couldn’t be bothered to walk up into the clouds and I still had a cold hanging around. This time, the weather was perfect and I was 100% fit, so off we went!
Head out of the clouds today
Looking back
Head of Loch Chuaich

Taking photographs on my mobile!
We left the car in layby 94 and headed along the track beside the aqueduct that took us towards the bothy. It is of course a locked bothy, very smart looking and with a locked toilet (common sense really, to lock a toilet) but after a quick break, we headed up hill. Apart from stopping to photograph a sign directing us to the “Walkers Path” (no apostrophe…) and the only hare that we saw, I walked straight up that hill. That’s 7.46 km 643 m ascent in 2 hrs and 3 mins. We took photographs then sheltered behind the huge cairn to have lunch. We were joined shortly after by a couple from Fife. After David had collected some litter, we made our back off the hill, passing to further couples and a young man with his French Bulldog.
We made ourselves useful before reaching the car, helping a shepherd and his noisy dog return an escapee sheep to its flock.
I cannot tell you how pleased I was to just walk straight up that hill. I have never been able to do that before, this running thing is working!
Approximately 14.8 km and 643 m total ascent. I loved it! A fantastic day out.


FellBound said...

Well done that woman!

Louise said...

Thanks David 😁