Sunday, 17 July 2016

Trigpointing in the Woods

About three weeks ago, David was away with the car, but Laura drove across and picked my up to go for a walk. We decided to park at Logie Steading and take just a little stroll to tick another local trigpoint at the edge of Drumine Forest.

It was a pleasant enough day, a bit humid and still with the promise of rain, but we didn’t want to don our waterproofs too soon. Off we set, up to the big house and then uphill to meet the road, cross it and continue through the farm yard to the Dava Way. At this point we explored the option of making this a circuit, but soon discovered our way was blocked by cattle and neither of us felt like either finding a way through or around them, so after looking at the military buildings close by, we returned to the Dava Way and continued north for a while. We became aware of a small group ahead of us, which we eventually caught up with, well, at least, one of them that had been left behind. Turned out they were a DofE group (so team work was not their strong point!) doing their Silver qualifier from Gordonstoun. Actually, not that impressed with them.


Nice woodland






Catching up


Boundary marker


Touching the trig


Laura following suit


…it was well surrounded…

Anyway, we left the straggler to it and continued on our way, turning off the Way and into the woodland. It was a nice stroll through the woodland, the navigation was not taxing and it was remarkable easy to spot the trig. The problem was reaching it! A suitable branch was found, the trig was touched and then we were on our way again. We briefly contemplated making a circuit through the woodland, but found the onward path to be somewhat damp, so instead returned via our outward route quite happily, made our way to the coffee shop and had soup for lunch. A successful outing!




Laura wanted to go this way



Thanks Laura. Roughly 6.84 miles and 743 feet.


Alan Sloman said...

I particularly like "Roughly 6.84 miles and 743 feet.
Could you make your pictures larger on the blog we see? Then I can choose whether or not to click on them to blow them up. (And it would make your blog look nicererer too. )

Louise said...

But oh, the effort...

Louise said...
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Louise said...
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