Monday, 20 June 2016

A Magical Moment

I went out for my walk today, just my regular little stroll, nothing exciting, but I was feeling somewhat out of sorts. For no particular reason, just, off.

There I was, just strolling along the track I call Jurassic Lane, when a small animal popped out onto the track a little way ahead of me. I am currently using my old prescription sunglasses, which are at least four years out of date, so my sight is not good in them, from what I saw of this small animal and the way it hopped out of the undergrowth onto the track and back again, I thought it was a hare. Then it hopped back out, followed by a second, but this time it took a few steps as well and this was wrong for a hare, they do not walk like that, but they both ran along the track towards me, like hares sometimes do (as they have poor vision too, unable to see straight ahead) and I was puzzled. Then, a third, larger animal appeared. Oh! I thought, three dogs? But wait, no…

Roe deer.

A roe deer doe and her two fawns.

The doe suddenly realised I was there on the track and took off to the side, in to the undergrowth. The fawns kept coming, stopping just a few feet ahead of me as I stood, stock still, in complete awe. They took a few steps before the second fawn suddenly in to the undergrowth and disappeared. The first took a couple more steps, before hopping off the track and lying down, but couldn’t help sticking it’s head back up to have a look at me. A boy, a suspect, by it’s boldness!!

I took a couple of quick snaps, then quickly and quietly made my way along the track, leaving them to reunite in peace.

Just magical.





Gayle said...


Louise said...

I was standing still for a while before I realised I was holding my breath...sooo cute!

Chrissie Crowther said...


Louise said...

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was wonderful!