Sunday, 7 October 2012

Killing time (alternatively An orange adventure)

(Or The day of forgotten stuff)
Aedan had an archery master class yesterday with the GB archery coach, so we set off a little before 8.45 am to the venue, just south of Inverness. The master class ran from 10 am to 4 pm which meant we had six hours to kill. Maybe for your average, pink, frilly girly this wouldn’t be difficult in the city shopping centre, but that particular activity makes my blood run cold. I had other plans. Shortly after arriving at Bogbain, I realised I’d forgotten a rather useful item. No matter, we’d manage.
We deposited the boy with his gear and headed off towards the chambered cairns at Clava, parking the car in the layby near Dalroy. Some idiot had dumped their garden rubbish there,  in the middle of the layby, rather annoyingly. I don’t understand these people. We set off up the track past Finglack and soon discovered this track goes persistently up, all the way to the top!
SDC14060 The views over the somewhat bleak landscape looked promising
We had an early lunch break at about 11.30 am, behind the shooting lunch hut, but we’d had an early breakfast so felt justified. It was also the only shelter we were likely to find in this remarkably bleak area.
SDC14062 Cowering with a sandwich
Onwards and upwards along the mainly good track, except for the bits washed away be heavy rainfall. Eventually, we came across a cairn by the side of the track and guessed it probably marked a path to the trig at our first target, Beinn Bhuidhe Mhor. Luckily, we guessed right.
SDC14067 All smiles!
SDC14068 Looking towards Beauly on the left with the Kessock Bridge in the centre
SDC14069 Fort George, near Ardersier (where we lived when first married) just off centre right
SDC14070 Looking west
SDC14071 Looking south west
Then it was back to the track and downhill for a while, back to the junction for the track which would take us to the second target of the day, Beinn Bhuidhe Beag. Another climb, this one more gradual, took us easily to the cairn just off the track and more views.
SDC14077 A substantial cairn for a relatively small hill
SDC14078 Looking back, towards the northern Monadhliath
It was a rather more steep descent off the north side of the hill, to pick up the track running along the south side of Saddle Hill and Ben Uan, which was well made and easy. We soon found ourselves back at the car, where I remembered the other forgotten thing.
This was a walk simply to kill time, nothing taxing or challenging, but very pleasant never the less and I really enjoyed myself. Far better than trailing aimlessly around shops for six hours!
Roughly (because it’s become a habit) 8.45 miles. 2.4 mph average, 1928 ft total ascent.
A thoroughly good day out!
The orange adventure? Ah, well, that was the first forgotten thing, my own Paramo Velez Adventure. Ooops. As I’d leant my Torres Gilet to Aedan (he was going to be hanging around in a stiff breeze all day) I had to borrow David’s orange Velez whilst he was able to wear his Explorer Smock thingy over a merino base with his Torres Gilet and thankfully, it didn’t rain, or I would have been in trouble!
The second forgotten item? I’d carried my own camera for a change (I tend not to carry it as it’s heavy) but was so taken with the views from the trig, forgot to get the damn thing out and take photographs. I ask you!
Ho hum.


Alan R said...

I can understand you not going shopping wearing orange with a green rucksack People would have been staring and whispering things. Ha

Louise said...

I have a photograph that I chose not to post of me from behind, plodding up the second hill. Apart from the fact it's always going to be an unflattering view, the clashing orange and green was quite shocking. I'll stick with all grey in public!!