Friday, 7 September 2012

A little rant

I believe I may have mentioned somewhere before the annoying habit some companies have of charging extortionate rates of p & p as some sort of punishment for living in a beautiful part of the world. I've recently stopped using a couple of companies as they have now started charging except for a minimum spend. Only if I intend to meet that requirement will I use these companies. I had p & p issues with a small item that were resolved with the kind help of a fellow Challenger (for goodness sake Carl, get on with the write up!) before the Challenge.
Well, I was about to try something new that I'd read about elsewhere (can't remember where, but I got there from Alan's place and order the product online rather than buy off the shelf in the supermarket as it was cheaper and free p & p, my favourite. Oh, well, it is until you enter your postcode!!
No, I won't be buying from there then.
Grrr. Stomps off in a right old huff.


Laura said...

I can rant about this too and I'm not as far North as you are!

This week's biscuit goes to an Ebay seller who 'posted worldwide' but when I put in my post-code up came the message 'this seller does not post to Scottish Highlands'.....HUMBUG!

Louise said...

Isn't infuriating! There was a consultation recently, I wonder if that will make any difference?! Mind you I think the answer is Royal Mail or Parcel Force, quick and reliable.

Andrew W said...

It's a cunning scam where they advertise items at great discounts and then you discover that postage is 25% of the cost.

And when they set the default postage to be the most expensive option.


Time for a sit down :-)

Louise said...

Yup, you've got it.
But £15-£20 just because I live the wrong side of the border?!!

Alan Sloman said...

I wonder of the prices will go up when you get independence up there?

Just thinkin' aloud...

Louise said...

I do hope mine won't be the only "NO!!" up here. What a terrifying thought :-(