Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Natural remedy

I possibly shouldn’t have changed my winter tyres last week (ok, got TTS to change the winter tyres last week) or whinged about my hayfever. Maybe I deserved to wake up this morning to over four inches of snow. Whoops! Cured the hayfever overnight though.
But today I was due to go for my weekly Beagle Boot Camp walk with The Other Louise and Ailsa, the Independently Minded Beagle. So off we went!
There had been such a sudden, heavy, wet snowfall, the trees had suffered. There were a lot of branches and trees that had been brought down by the sudden weight, including a large bough from the beautiful willow tree in Louise’s front garden. We encountered a lot of fallen branches on our usual circuit and moved the ones that weren’t too heavy for a couple of weedy Louises. There were some smaller trees bent over under the weight that we were able to release, surprisingly satisfying it was too. We were also under constant threat of being flattened by vast amounts of snow as it slid from the trees and branches above us.
SDC12401All together now, “Mint Sauce!!”
SDC12402  Lots of snow overhead
SDC12403 Lots
SDC12405 No, I haven’t put it upside down
It was actually quite tough going in places, but then, I’m not known for enjoying a walk in deep snow. It’s like walking through sand dunes and I really don’t like that, it’s hard work! So it was slow steady progress around the estate, dodging snowfall, climbing obstacles and controlling the dog as we went. We went for a peek at my osprey nest and were completely taken by surprise to find half a tree across the bridge, actually putting a fair part of it into the burn below. Ooops! So surprised, I didn’t take a photograph. I think I was almost relieved to find the osprey don’t appear to be back yet, the snow might be a bit of a shock.
We turned back onto the track home and just ahead of us, something caught my eye. I paused, a small bird was perched in a tree ahead of us, I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I caught a glimpse of its black head. A Bullfinch!! No, wait, two!! A male and female, how wonderful!
VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W You beauty!
VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W Mrs and Mr
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed our walk today. It doesn’t matter that we do this identical walk every week, there is always something to see. I haven’t seen bullfinches for a long time, the last little flock I saw were in Glen Affric and I had no idea there were any on this estate and it was wonderful to have such a good view and watched for quite a while. They made my day.


Laura said...

I'm impressed - I just stayed in the house.............
We do have a bullfinch in the garden though!

Louise said...

I probably should've stayed in the house, my tonsilitis has put in another appearence, but after three days of the children on school holidays, I needed a break! I had to go to bed when I got home or my head might have exploded. It's better now though.
The children claim to have seen bullfinch in the garden, but I never have. That's not fair!

Andrew W said...

Nice photos.
You need to get rid of that snow before May.
I like snow and sun.
I really hate rain.
We have rain.
When I left home this morning it was summer and now it is winter again.

Carl Mynott @GBWildlifeTales said...

It's difficult to beat the sight of a bullfinch especially when it takes you by surprise. Dad had one in his garden once, he was less pleased as it ate every one of the buds on his viola.

Louise said...

Thanks Andrew, I was really pleased to snap the bullfinches.

As for the snow, it's really heavy, wet stuff that is melting almost as fast as it arrived. Should be gone in a day or two.

I hope...

I would be so chuffed if I saw a bullfinch in my garden and it can eat anything it likes Carl! That's if it doesn't get eaten first by our sparrowhawk.

AlanR said...

I think those Bullfinches had feet frozen to the branches. When i point a camera at birds they have usually flown of by the time i have focussed.
Nice pics.

Louise said...

Thanks Alan! It was pure luck, I'd carried David's little Samsung L313, because it's light and fits in my pocket, but it doesn't have a view finder, just one of those screens that you can't see in daylight. I find it's point and hope, I never know until I get it home what I've shot!

I like my Samsung GX10, but I have to be in the mood to carry it as it's a bit heavy and lumpy.