Sunday, 15 April 2012

Happiness is…

…seeing my first osprey of the year fishing in the bay.

…completing my tick list. Well, except for posting my re-supply parcels.

…decanting lotions and potions into tiny bottles in readiness for packing a rucksack.

…solving a little boot/gaiter issue, with a little help from A Very Clever Person.

The lacing on my boots goes through a loop centre bottom. This means that when I’m wearing my gaiters which hook onto the laces, it’s a little crooked at the bottom, putting stress onto the laces. I don’t want them to snap as I wade my way across Scotland, so I needed a plan.

“Mini split-ring,” he said.

“Wa?” I said.

“You need a mini split-ring on the bottom loop that you can hook the gaiter to,” he said.

“Genius,” I said, “I’ve got a pair of those!”


I have yet to try this out, but it looks convincing so far. (And yes, I am aware there are no insoles in my boots, they’re in my shoes at the moment!)

Happiness is…

…the little treasures going back to school tomorrow.



Andrew W said...

Bloody clever that.
Also, don't forget to pack 1 spare boot lace.
It potentially has far mire uses than just a lace.

Louise said...

Oh yes, I'll be packing that lace! It was an engineer I know came up with that solution, clever old stick, innit?

Alan R said...

I like that a lot.
I am going to try a rubber hydraulic ‘O’ ring before a steel ring. Not that i know its better but it might be better on the lace. Only time will tell.

Louise said...

You could well be right Al, but I'm hoping that, as the ring is not attached to the lace, there shouldn't be too much friction or stress. Can't be as bad as the pressure the gaiter hook was putting on the laces. I hope.