Monday, 30 January 2012


I’ve lifted this comment from my local newspaper. The subject is a serious one (although, actually, in this case the full story is a strange one) but sadly I found my self giggling my way through this comment.

Escapee apostrophes all over the place, amongst other things.

“I saw one so many occasions teacher's shouting at children for petty issue's with no regard that parent's were in full view and just to observe the body language of the kids when this yelling was going on was so sad. I think the aggresive ,dimissive behaviour of the teaching staff should be ashamed of themselves but then again this is a behaviour learn't. the phrase children should be seen and not heard springs to mind. As mentioned does'nt surprise me with this school”


Mike Knipe said...

Obviously written by a caterer. Caterers can't do arpsotherie's

Phil said...

Sadly this cannot qualify as fully fledged "netspeak".

The preposition 'of' has not been deployed as a verb, nor is there any reference to the teachers "loosing" their temper.

Beta minus. Must try harder. ;-)

Andrew W said...

I'ts terrible the way some people's have no understanings' of the use's of apostrophes's' and such like.
Make's me mad.

Alan Sloman said...

I am sure the person who commented could of done betterer than that, if they had tryed a bit hard.

Louise said...

(Do'nt make me laugh, it hurt's...)

Laura said...

Shurely u mean larf?

Louise said...

Ooops. wel spoted