Wednesday, 28 December 2011

So, how was it for you and what’s next?

This year has been a funny one, kind of average interspersed with the odd event.

It all started well, when David was told we would be here till the end of his career. A week later, we were told he was moving. Great.

In May, I did my first Challenge. I’d first heard of the Challenge in 2008 and started planning. I knew I was in no way experienced or fit enough to enter in 2009, so David and I took an unexpected opportunity and entered as a pair in 2010. Unfortunately, we weren’t successful in the draw and didn’t manage to stumble off the top of the stand by list, so had thought we would have to wait until the children were much older and could be left to fend for themselves. Until I wondered out loud if I could possibly manage alone… My entry was successful and in May, I set off from Shiel Bridge for my own little adventure. I had a blast.

During the summer, our eldest took her Standard Grades and got five 1s and three 2s. How proud we are!

As a family, we had a fantastic holiday, staying in a luxury cottage on Orkney. There was wildlife, tourism, a little walking and a bit of geocaching. Fabulous.

There was then a bit of a quiet time whilst I entered and then waited for news for Challenge 2012. My successful entry and Rhiannon’s sixteenth birthday was all around the same time, so there was plenty to celebrate and then planning to finish off before submitting a route.

As for Christmas, David was able to get home in good time, just as I started with a cold. Luckily, that peeked on Christmas Eve. Unluckily, I was struck down with a migraine on Christmas Day, but late on, so at least I didn’t miss any of the festivities.

So, on to the New Year, and what’s going to be new?

We’ll continue to ‘manage’ with David being down South, although I have to say it’s not much fun. He’s going back to his OU studies, to pass the time and to give him another string to his bow. Oh, and he’ll have a Significant Birthday in April…Rhiannon is studying hard for her Highers, so I’m sure she’ll have great success there. Aedan is doing extremely well in both his archery and shooting, as well as maintaining his studies, which doesn’t come so naturally to him. Ciara, well, Ciara smiles and the world smiles with her and Conall seems to jog along in the same way.

I’ve decided on my next OU course, but I won’t start it until after May. It’ll give me something to do in the post Challenge downtime instead of planning my next route! The Challenge? Ah yes, I’m really looking forward to that. This route will be more testing, of both my abilities and my character, but I don’t feel anywhere near so nervous or doubtful this time. Now I have all my accommodation booked (didn’t I mention that?) all I need to do is buy a few supplies and I’ll be ready. Oh, and the getting fit bit, might have to work on that.

So, there you go. And so does another year, gone, just like that. How was yours? All the very best for 2012 and maybe I’ll see a few of you somewhere along the way!



Andrew W said...

Ahh... 2012
Walk the World
Become Younger each day
Win the Lottery ...........

OOPS Sorry, I drifted off their for a moment!

The reality...

Be Happy
Be Kind
Be Nice

Oh yes, and try and avoid any more surgery!

Better be careful when skiing then!

Louise said...

Sounds good Andrew (especially avoiding surgery!) all the best with that!

Andrew W said...

Of course their was there!

I have managed to require some form of surgery caused by failing overused anatomy or just plain stupidity every year since 2007.

Surely there is not much else .....
No let's not tempt fate, I need a year off, hopefully more!

Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

Hey Louise!

Nice post - what a turn up re the job move - talk about a challenge.

Hey, for me the new year is all about getting back into the hills and onto the trails. Later in the year my wife turns a new age, and we've a trip to Liverpool planned to celebrate (she's a massive Beatles fan) and a party too.

We've also got some tickets for the Paralympics - The Opening Ceremony and the Wheelchair Basketball final. I used to play myself in a former life (another story) so I had to try for some tickets - thankfully I got one!

And of course, like you and three hundred or so others, there's the challenge. An opportunity to get fitter again, lose a pound or two from pack and body, and generally try to enjoy myself.

Lets hope that everyone can get a little of what they want for 2012 eh?

Happy new year to you all!

Louise said...

Happy New Year Carl! You seem to have plenty planned to keep you busy, especially with a young family. Hope it's everything you wish for and more.

I would have commented a few times on your blog, but I'm having a little local difficulty (with my browser, I think) I do regularly pop over to see what you're up to. One of the best tips I had to reduce pack weight was trying to take items that had more than one use and keeping luxuries to a bare minimum. My down jacket obviously slips into that catagory neatly, a a bar of dark chocolate doubles as essential (!) and in May I'll be carrying a small book. I didn't this year, but had difficulty getting to sleep, so it's become an essential too!
Not long now...