Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Best boots, calorie counting, frustrating forecast and rear reducing, not necessarily in that order

(The calories and the rear are not necessarily connected in this particular post!)

The frustrating forecast forced my favourite friend and I to forego our foray into the fresh air until next week, if the forecast is more favourable.

(On a roll!)

The slippery, slushy conditions have caused me to concentrate considerably on every step, thus producing a rear reducing regime.

(I’m bored now.)

I have also been spending time on subjects more Challenge related.

I am determined to wear my Merrells on the Challenge next May, but every day I walk in my Brashers and I love them so much, I am expecting a little wobble come D day! Every day I put them on and it’s like the bestest, comfiest slippers. They are just my favourite footwear, but I know there’s a good chance of a repeat mega blister on my tricky heel, so I must wear my Merrells, equally comfortable, lighter and they will dry more quickly in any wet conditions I ‘might’ encounter. Merrells it must be. But I do love my Brashers!

(I feel disloyal.)

Calorie counting has become a little bit of an obsession. Not from a rear reducing point of view, I might add! After my Challenge in May, I realised I had a couple of days, well, a few maybe, when my mood had been affected by ‘something’. As I thought about this in more detail, I realised a common theme.

The first day I’d noticed a downer was day two, the day dear Hugh enquired as to how my day was going and I burst into tears!

“Do you have any chocolate? Eat chocolate!” was his advice and whilst I had initial misgivings, he was, of course, proved correct as my mood improved.

Half way through day five, I suffered another downer, just as I met David and my replacement rucksack. The reaction of my TTS? to feed me. Mushroom soup, Baby Bel, fruit salad and Jaffa Cakes. A short while later my fighting spirit had returned (although, initially it was a determination to prove my shoulder hurt too much, ahem) and I strode off into the distance, a spring in my step.

Our arrival at Tarfside was another obvious food failure day, despite having stopped for hot soup at lunch, along with my lunch staples. We stepped into the teeth of the storm with renewed vigour, but didn’t have shelter enough to snack on the way and arrived at Tarfside decidedly droopy. The mug of hot soup thrust into my hands to warm them soon filled the hole in my tummy before I launched into my evening meal which perked me up.

So, I have been looking more closely at my body fuel and decided it is lacking, but finding the right things that I might fancy and eat (rather than lug across Scotland because they’d be good for me) is proving tricky. I’ve currently totted up 2323 Kcals per day weighing in at 1.579kg for two days, plus the next day’s lunch and snack. So I’m still working on another 700 Kcals per day, preferably without adding too much to the grams!

It’s important though, so I’ll not be skimping. Maybe just imaginative.


Alan Sloman said...

On my LEJOG I ate blocks of the stuff. With fresh bread (which doesn't weigh *too* much).
Take *tasty* cheese, as you soon get bored with mild shop cheddar. Boursin slathered over fluffy bread with chopped cloves of garlic and some tasty French sausage.
Red wine to wash it all down - You need food to look forward too - not just "fuel".
It's a holiday - enjoy the gourmet experience.

Don't blame me if you rear gets bigger, that's all...It'll be muscle from the walking.

Gayle said...

Regarding calories, I'm going to give the obvious answers: Chocolate (or more chocolate, as the case may be). Or perhaps flapjacks (or more flapjacks, as the case may be). I find both to be excellent calories for the weight and I'm yet to look at either and think "I don't fancy that right now".

There's plenty of time to eat healthy stuff before and after the Challenge.

Alan R said...

Hi Louise, I think you are making the right decision on taking the Merrill Chameleon’s instead of the Brasher Hillmaster’s. It should help your heel.
It could be worthwhile sticking some Spenco 2nd skin adhesive knit over the damaged one just to give it a bit of support. Or just taking a strip with you.

The Brasher Kenai GTX look nice too.

Louise said...

Alan, cheese is on the list and lots of it! I love cheese, none of it mild, I couldn't survive without cheese, Gromit. I was considering bread but I won't be getting a wine platty until I Challenge with TTS. Then he can carry it... (I do have my hipflask, I think it will contain Glenmorangie this time) You're quite right though, it has to be food I want to eat, not just fuel and that's the tricky bit.

Chocolate, yep, that's on the list, but I'm rubbish with Twix, Mars Bar and the like. It has to be Green and Blacks, 70%, Cherry, perhaps Ginger... and it's not so easy to scoff, that's something I savour in the tent at night. When I remember. Doh!
I can't currently decide between homemade flapjack (yummy) or Nature Valley (yummy, but obviously not quite as good as mine but comes in convenient watertight packages. Decisions!

Oo, Alan, I'd not come across Spenco 2nd skin and I've been looking for something like that. Thanks for the tip!
I know my Merrells will be good, but I'm just soppy about my Brashers! (The Kenai is on The List For Future Reference. Just don't tell TTS!)

Mike Knipe said...

Acres of alimentary alliteration, there, Louise. Can't help with the scoff - but try schoolkids maltloaf... mmmmmmmm

Louise said...

I was really bored that day Mike, can you tell? Malt loaf, ah, now there's an idea!

Andrew W said...

Al and will be taking Port to go with the Wensleydale. A fine combination. Along with chocolate bars, nuts and raisins in chocolate (yum), jelly babies, and ............
Have you spotted a theme here?

Oh yes, take the Merrel's.
I was a boot man for years and then ..... shoes. The revelation, the lack of foot pain, the lack of blisters, the luxury, the ........
That's another theme isn't it?

Louise said...

Yes Andrew, I see the themes! Think I've about got it sussed, cheese, chocolate and comfy shoes, sorted.

Alan R said...

All the best to you and the family Louise.

Louise said...

Thank you Alan, to you and yours too.