Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Today I saw something totally unexpected that I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

As I was on the return trip of my morning brisk walk, a creature ran across the road ahead of me and into the undergrowth. It was around two feet long with short legs, a very bushy tail and a deep, rich, reddish brown colour with a pale blaze on it’s chest.

I’ve been trying to convince myself otherwise, but the only conclusion I can reach is that it was one of these

pine-martenA pine marten



Phreerunner said...

Well spotted Louise. That reminds me - I must take the camera out to snap our resident cormorant - it sits for hours on a street lamp on a busy road by our Metro station.

Louise said...

An unusual perch for a comorant! The marten made my day, that daily walk can be a bit dull.

Alan R said...

Lucky you. I have never seen one.

Louise said...

So chuffed Alan, my 'must see' list is getting shorter!

Andrew W said...

I saw one last year on the Challenge.
Didn't get time to get the camera out though.
It was just as I climbed over the stile going through the Morrone Birkwood, between Mar Lodge and Braemar.
I was well chuffed too.
Would have been even more chuffed if I'd had my camera out.

Louise said...

If I'd had my camera on me, I might have had the chance of a shot (although I was probably in too much shock to react that quickly, it is not a place I would expect to see a marten!) it took a good few seconds to trot across the road. Wonderful, just wonderful. That's what makes it, isn't it?!