Sunday, 20 November 2011

…And breathe…


So I found out on Friday via a link on the TGO message board, and then officially by letter yesterday, that I am lucky enough to be on the Challenge next May.

I am very excited.

But I am doing my very, very best to remain calm and in control.

This is in keeping with my motto for next year’s Challenge:

More Style, Less Drama Queen.

We’ll see how that goes.

I have managed to get a little ahead of myself however. Knowing that accommodation at my intended start point can be hard to come by, I’ve booked a room already. I could camp that night, but I don’t really fancy starting the walk with a wet tent, which is, after all, a possibility!

My route sheets and admin form are filled in and poised. I’m trying to resist clicking the send button. I’m going to force myself to go over my distance and ascent calculations with a fine tooth comb before sending them off with an apologetic email, but I’m sure there won’t be that many other sad obsessives ready at this point. Maybe?

I’ll try to restrain myself…

So looking forward to seeing all my new friends and making some more along the way. It’s going to be fabulous!


Mike Knipe said...

What is this TOG Challenge? Can anybody join? Will I need crampons/

Louise said...

So long as you carry medicinal supplies and don't have holes in your trousers, you'll be more then welcome Mike!

Alan Sloman said...

I'd leave off sending right at this moment. I think John has a bit of sorting out to do with people who are supposed to be getting letters that haven't arrived yet.#

I know I am in (with Mad'n'Bad Andy & WeeWillyWilky) from the electronic thing but I haven't had my letter. I would imagine there will be a few like me. I would leave off sending stuff in whilst he is still sending stuff out for a while. He will be a busy boy letting people know where they are on the standby list too...

Louise said...

I'm in no hurry Alan, not really. I'm just a little too organised for my own good! Or maybe that should be exciteable.
Besides, I think my PC is about to have a funny turn, so I won't have a choice about holding off!

I'm curious about something, how do they decide who your vetter is and do you always have the same one? I had the Thorns last time and they were really helpful, plus I met them a few times along my way and I got to know them a bit, which was lovely. Do you know?