Saturday, 12 March 2011

Return to Aberlour

Last year, we did a lovely walk from Knockando to Aberlour and back via Monahoudie Moss. As I won’t be able to join the girls for a regular monthly walk anymore, I called together The Core Group (Angela, Jo, Judith, Sally and me) for a return to Aberlour to explain my new circumstances. We had a blast.
SDC11217 Tamdhu stationSDC11219
It was forecast for snow from about mid-afternoon onwards, so it was a little surprising when it started to snow as we left the car at about 9.45 am, but we walked on regardless.
 SDC11221 Snack stop
The route joins the Speyside Way which is a little disappointing in other places, but this bit is obviously well used and thus well maintained. When we got to Aberlour, three of us went to the wonderful delicatessen to purchase a few provisions whilst the remainder went to the pub, The Mash Tun. We found them drinking Pims, one summer one winter and another summer was duly ordered whilst the other two ordered Crabbie’s Green Ginger Wine and hot water. Yum. Judith also ordered cheese burger and chips to share as a snack between us.
The pub!
Before we fell asleep, we decided to leave and continue the rest of the walk, over the horrible, bouncy bridge and up the hill.
SDC11224 Nasty, wibbly, wobbly bridge
Did I mention it was snowing? It started to snow much more at this point and we were more exposed for a while, but then we popped into the secret walled ‘garden’ we found last time to seek shelter whilst we consumed our purchased goodies. We were soon on our way again and would have enjoyed some lovely views had we not been walking through heavily falling snow at the time. We still had fun.
SDC11227 Secret Garden picnic
SDC11229 Having fun (Sally, Judith, Angela and Jo, she’d found weasel poo on her tree stump!)
SDC11230There’s a view out there, somewhere
Sadly, part way back, I suddenly suffered a Reynauds attack, completely out of the blue. I was perfectly warm and I have no idea how it happened, maybe there was a sudden temperature drop, maybe a change in wind direction, but it happened and I was disappointed with myself for allowing it. I changed my jacket, (despite being quite snug in my two merino tops and Dynamo) to my Montane Anti-freeze and Judith lent me her down over-mitts. I felt rubbish for a while as we walked on, quite sick at times, but after a while I was feeling better again, what a relief. It always leaves me with sore hands for a time afterwards, so typing is difficult, but luckily David is happy to cook dinner and I’ll soldier on!
We got back to the car and then the adventure really started, as the roads home were a little interesting, to say the least. We had an absolute ball and I am so glad I have these wonderful girls as friends. They’ve changed my life and I shall miss my regular walks with them, but I’ll squeeze them in whenever I can.
13.5 miles, 1087 feet total ascent, but I don’t actually know total times or speed.


Laura said...

Love the photo of the girls on the stumps! Looks cold though - no wonder you're fingers froze up! Just had a new dump of snow here and now no sun today - time to rest the old knees!

Louise said...

They're a real bunch of numpties I walk with, I tell you! Barking.

We had snow when I got home at tea time yesterday, however, when I got up this morning, we just had a waterlogged lawn. Lovely. I can see snow from my kitchen window on Califer and Heldon Hill though.

Hope you've been running up and down those stairs to get your legs prepared!

Laura said...

Just seen the error of my ways - should have read 'your' fingers - might be time to rest the old brain too!

Louise said...

Goes to show how numb my brain is, I hadn't even noticed. Doh!