Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Do not disturb

David had a study day today. I went for a walk so as not to disturb him. He kindly dropped me off before he hit the books, at Clashdhu, just outside Forres. I set off north on the Dava Way, feeling a little irrationally vulnerable, a habit I must get out of.

SDC11207 The dark, snow laden skies behind me

SDC11208 The way ahead

I walked through the trees on this reasonable track that used to be the rail line. It’s quite a pleasant route, this particular stretch being very quiet and mine were the first foot prints this morning, other than the deer.

SDC11209 Not keen on this bridge. It doesn’t move, but it is a metal mesh that you can see the rushing water through, uh

SDC11210 Can you detect a nervous tremble?


Rather nice bridge

SDC11212 Scurrypool Bridge

At Scurrypool, the track takes the steps up the side of the bridge as to follow the rail line would get very, very wet. The path through the trees follows the western edge of Newtyle Forest until rejoining the old rail line just west of Rafford and continues north to the Dallas Dhu Distillery.

SDC11213 Rafford Church on the left, Blervie Castle on the hill to the right

After passing the Distillery (sadly, no longer distilling…) I left the Dava Way just before the end and skirted the southern edge of Sanquhar Woods to meet St Leonard’s Road at Baraine.

SDC11215 Forres Flood Alleviation

SDC11216Quiet today

I took the road past Muiry Wood and cut down to the A96, which I crossed carefully, then took the minor road through Crows Wood to pick up the road home.

9.13 miles, 3.1 mph average, 255 ft total ascent, I was home in time for lunch. I had to be quiet this afternoon, yawn.

Oh, and it did snow. Just as I passed the distillery it came down thick and fast, easing off as I photographed the flood alleviation, then starting again as I crossed the A96 until I got home. On the whole though, it was a nice day.



Laura said...

I'm due home at the beginning of April - maybe we could plan a few TGOC training jaunts together?

Louise said...

Oh yes, yes, yes! I'll pop my thinking cap on, although I 'spect it'll give me a headache. Hope you've had a good time, but it'll be lovely to see you and have a good catch up.