Thursday, 9 December 2010


The snow itself hasn't caused me any problems, but it has been causing problems around me.

I had walked forty three miles in ten days, but once the snow closed the schools for a couple of days then stopped parcels being delivered, my walking was curtailed and I've now managed nine miles in eleven days. This is not good so close to Christmas.

To make life more interesting, we've had a 'major BT Broadband outage' for 48 hours, so whilst I've been holed up waiting for the parcels to be delivered, I've had no entertainment. This would explain the four kilograms of marmalade now nestling in my cupboard.

And the half knitted fingerless mitts.

Haven't got round to the Christmas cards yet though. Just couldn't quite bring myself to do it.

Still, the champagne arrived yesterday so this morning I was able to get out onto the now nicely compacted snow for a play in my Kahtoola Microspikes. I may have been a little smug as I strode passed the other pedestrians, sliding along the slippery path. (Actually, there was only one other pedestrian...)

Oh well, best get on, emails and blogs to catch up with!


Phreerunner said...

Enjoy the snow while it lasts, Louise. Ours is disappearing fast - I missed a great opportunity to get out yesterday but decided against it. I'd be more confident with winter tyres, despite managing ok thus far.
Have fun with the medical supplies...

Laura said...

Mmmmm! Marmalade! That's a good idea.... I've only got a half knitted baby jacket to look at....I did go out walking but kept the microspikes in the rucksack as the track wasn't really icy just very deep snow and my legs are not very long!

Louise said...

There's far more medical supplies, about two dozen of them, along side the six bubbly ones, it's going to be a merry Christmas!
The snow has gone, just like that, overnight. There's just the odd patch here and there and ice remains where the snow was compacted, but I shall stay indoors today for safety reasons. If I don't slip, I could drown...

Louise said...

Mmmm marmalade indeed. I'll save you a jar if you like, we've got plenty!
Baby jackets look so cute, don't they? They give the impression of being quick to knit because they are small, but this is really an optical illusion as they are just darned fiddly. (Oops, 'darned', that was unintentional.)
Know what you mean about the short legs, mine were just long enough the other to stop my bum dragging in the snow. I'd be easy to track!