Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas catch up

Well, we fair galloped up to Christmas, what with three Christmas dances, Brownie pyjama party and singing carols at the inmates in Leanchoil hospital, a girly walk, last minute shopping, present wrapping and food preparation. The Royal Icing  instructions for my mum’s Christmas cake clearly says, “One snow scene coming up!”. It should read, “One avalanche coming up!” because that’s what I always seem to end up with. Next year, it’ll be bought, ready rolled icing…
Christmas itself was wonderful. Just how I like it, the six of us, nice and quiet. Well, as quiet as it can be  with new Wii games to amuse themselves with. Did I get a bit competitive whilst playing Just Dance 2? Might have. Certainly burnt off more calories than I usually do on Christmas Day, that must be a good thing!
David had a duty on Boxing Day, so that was a quiet day too, with more dancing and a couple of films.
The girls had managed to collect quite large sums of money from their recent birthdays and Christmas, so they wanted to shop. David thought he should stay at home with the boys, so “Christmas Holiday Tuesday” saw me heading to Inverness to The Sales. I hate shopping. No, I’ll try that again. I HATE shopping. With a passion. I HATE shopping at The Sales even more. All those sharp elbows and hangers click, click, clicking on the rails. I simply can’t bear all the clothes dropped on the floor and left lying, I feel compelled to pick them all up, but it’s not my job, arrgh!
Anyway, they were happy and spent a little of their money.
As you can see, there has been no walking and I’ve been beginning to feel a little like a caged animal, but there is hope on the horizon. Yesterday, whilst in town, David popped into Millets and bought Ciara and Conall new walking boots. These boots are currently being worn around the house at every given opportunity, (I’d be surprised if they didn’t spend a little time in bed last night) and their first outing is planned for a short walk around Loch Morlich on Sunday. Should still be quite pretty around there, not wet, grey and slippy in places like here.
In the meantime, there’ll be more dancing.


Laura said...

Well done for successfully navigating through Christmas! Hope your New Year is good - I'll be keeping in touch so we can do some pre-Challenge training together when Spring arrives. My route is nearly finished. Have you submitted yours yet?

Louise said...

This year I really enjoyed myself. Usually it's the gallop up and then totally underwhelming! Yes, keep in touch and I'm looking forward to spring and some meaningful training (this year's was very half-hearted...).
You've done well with your route. Mine's finished, I think. I'm sitting on it for a week or two more, just to be sure, but I've got a few until I have to be brave. Not that I think there's anything wrong with the route, I just want to be sure it's the one I want to do!
Have an excellent New Year Laura x