Thursday, 22 July 2010

The fearless foursome

There was a fearless foursome that gathered at Dallas Dhu Distillery last night at 7 pm. It was still raining quite persistently, but Angela, Alison, Judith and I paddled through the puddles and waded through the mud for our own entertainment for a pleasant couple of hours. No, really, we did.

The height of the excitement was a group of escapees blocking our path. Five young cattle had made a bid for freedom and caused a little consternation amongst our number, but we eventually made our way quietly passed them as they huddled against a fence. Shortly after, a small car came tootling towards us and we tried to flag them down to get help, but they thought we were waving and waved back on their way passed. Glad we weren't drowning. Then they spotted the calves and stopped. They were stopped for quite a while, so we thought they must be making an appropriate phone call and left them to it.

The Mosset Burn was in spate, which was quite spectacular in places. Very noisy too.

A chap in a shiny, silver landrover passed us. Several times. We weren't sure if he was a gamekeeper or a stalker, but he gave a friendly smile and a wave as he drove by. He probably thought we were a bit daft.

It took an hour and forty five minutes to walk 5.3 miles, so roughly our average speed, despite the unexpected livestock and fords we had to contend with. Thankfully, there were only a couple of lace tieing stops and no pee/water/snack stops. Can't imagine why...

A thoroughly pleasant pootle, despite the weather doing it's best to dampen our spirits.

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