Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Sunday Stroll

Today, the boys, Ciara and I took a stroll down to Findhorn to do a bit of Geocaching. Laura reminded me we'd joined up so that I could trick encourage the little treasures out for some fresh air and exercise, so off we went with two caches downloaded to the GPS. As usual, I forgot to take photographs as evidence of our finds, but I did remember to take a pencil to write in the log book and a couple of items to leave behind.

Whilst we were hunting for the second cache, we found this little chap

Isn't he cute? A little Common Lizard, but you can't tell from the photograph, he'd obviously had a falling out with something before we found him, the tip of his tail was missing. Didn't seem to be bothering him!

I'll have to download the ones in Culbin next, the children quite like it there. Well, three of them do. Number one child doesn't like 'the outdoors'. I'm convinced she was swapped at birth!


Laura said...

Well done! I'm impressed! I've researched another one to find not far away so I'll give it a try tomorrow (as long as it's not doing the raining thing...)

Louise said...

Wet geocaching doesn't sound much fun. Mind you, it was tricky being surreptitious and casual in the nice weather with all those people around.

I think this geocaching lark could be addictive you know. Good luck!

Laura said...

3 days have gone by and I still haven't gone looking for the next cache..........

(new word 'coaropit' says it all)

Louise said...

Took us, ooo, about 3 months before we had our second shot?

Mind you, with your recent problems overnight, I think you can be forgiven for perhaps not feeling like it! Don't know what your weather has been like, but it's been quite damp around here. Good excuse to test the new boots!