Thursday, 11 March 2010

I have a guilty secret

I’ve walked a couple of times this week, the usual Monday circuit with Louise and Lyn and my usual 5.5 mile local circuit today. Nothing stunning, but I did break my 17 min/mile average speed today. Got it down to 16.3 min/mile. Might not be much to you, but I was quite chuffed! It is a relatively flat route, so really not taxing, but I wouldn’t be able to make that speed if I was walking with friends. I can’t walk, talk and breathe beyond 2.9 mile/hour, unlike Angela, who I swear can breathe through her ears.

My regime is working, my walking trousers are now a far more relaxed fit and I couldn’t resist trying on the pair in the next size down. Snug, but on and I could bend down to do my boots up, yey! Progress.

I probably didn’t mention that we bought a one size fits all present for the children last Christmas, against all my best principles. A Wii. Eeek! I’ve resisted computer games, Playstations, Gameboys etc., and they don’t have televisions in their rooms. They are allowed music, I’m not entirely mean.

The last time I was walking with the girls, David nipped to my favourite supermarket and purchased Wii Fit Plus. If nothing else, I thought, there are some completely different games to entertain them, might even help improve their posture and balance. Apparently, it’s quite addictive. I can ‘feel’ my glutinous maximus quite a lot now and I noticed my right hip wasn’t at all sore on my stroll today, so that’s got to be a good thing.

It’s Mothering Sunday this weekend and our eldest daughter has been pestering my as to what I’d like. I’ve wracked my poor, exhausted brain cell and can’t come up with anything. I wanted something that I’d enjoy and keep as a reminder of our four wonderful children, but I’ve decided that what I’d like most is a lovely, relaxed day together as a family.

And a nice roast dinner that I haven’t cooked (David makes a mean roast too).

And a card.

That’ll make for a good day.

(Did you spot the guilty secret?)


Alan Sloman said...

Oooh! I like posts like these!

I clain the one hundred pound prize for guessing your guilty secret, Louise: ahem.

It's all about Angela:
"unlike Angela, who I swear can breathe through her ears."

An online confession of a sexy secret!


Laura said...

Errr - is it chocolate?

Louise said...

Alan: I can't think of any 'sexy' uses for breathing through ears, ahem, I'm far to young and innocent.

And, technically, wouldn't that would be Angela's confession?

Laura: Hi! Funny you should mention chocolate, but I've been really good of late and not had any. If fact, my stash is getting a little overwhelming, might have to do something about that!

I hid that confession well. Perhaps a tad too well!

Unknown said...

...let me guess, is your guilty secret that you're actually addicted to the WII? That in fact you use it more than anyone else in the house?

Louise said...

Oooo, you're good! Well spotted rosieknows, you certainly knows alright!

It is addictive and yes, I do. Eeek!