Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A little rant and a nice walk

I’ll get the rant over and done with, then I’ll feel better. It doesn’t affect anyone except me, so it is just a little rant, but,

…I’m really fed up with sitting in my own lounge, at the front of my house, with internal doors  and windows shut and still being able to smell next door’s cigarette smoke as they stand by their back  door and fill their lungs with lots of nasty chemicals.

03 16 10_0762A daffodil from my Mothering Sunday bunch.

I really enjoyed my little adventure today. I took myself off in the car to do a little walk I’ve done before, but not alone. It’s part of a bigger walk I’ve done twice, with the girlies and with David, only the first time I tried to do the longer walk with David it became apparent I had a problem with my heel and we had to bail, thus taking this shorter route.

A circuit from Dunphail via Johnstripe and the Divie Viaduct of 7.8 miles, 650 feet ascent, 2 hours 25 minutes at a rough average of 3 mph with 15 minutes of pause time.

03 17 10_0749A lapwing in front of the view of the Moray Firth.

I saw snow, but only had to make my way over a small patch of about 8 feet by a gate which, handily, was open. There were lapwings in display flight, a roe deer slipped between the trees and out of sight, a kestrel hunting and lots of signs of spring.

03 17 10_0753Snow and ice.

03 17 10_0754

If you look very carefully, above the dark hills and below the clouds and the power lines, there are snow capped hills. I’ve been told it’s the Cairngorms, but didn’t take a compass reading to check that. Doh!

03 17 10_0756The Divie Viaduct.

03 17 10_0755Signs of spring!

It was only a little walk, on a beautiful, if a tad windy day, but I was pleased with myself for walking alone somewhere I wouldn’t normally. No great shakes, but I only walk alone locally, so maybe I’m growing up! 


Alan Sloman said...

If you were looking due south from just above Johnstripe, I think you are correct!

Get David to have a word with the neighbours - or better still, have them round for drinks and drop it into the conversation. It's horrid having your life mucked with like that.

Louise said...

Hi Alan
I think it probably is the Cairngorms, the Moray Firth was definitly directly behind me and the hills directly in front, but I'm a woman, you can't trust my sense of direction.

The neighbours, yes, well, it's tricky. I can't publicise why on tinternet, if I told you, I'd have to kill you, (I'm English, living in this neck of the woods for work reasons, nuff said...) but life's easier to just keep your head down. With the odd, little rant to let off steam.

They'll move. Eventually. They all do.

The Weekend Dude said...

Hi Louise,

In agreement with you and Alan I was on Carn Toul last year (in the Cairngorms) and whilst we were sat on the summit a friendly local pointed out the Moray Firth clear as day. On that rationale I pretty sure it can't be anything else.

Louise said...

I love living in Scotland. You just can't beat the views I have on my doorstep.

Smug, me? A tad!