Thursday, 20 August 2009


After our little wild camp, the main thing we agreed on was that we should get new waterproof trousers. Our current ones are Peter Storm and have served well over quite a few years now, but I wanted something lighter. And waterproof. (I am a little dubious about mine in extremely wet conditions.) So when I spotted Berghaus Paclite trousers for less than £70 at Gaynors, I caved.

That's not quite fair, it took me at least four days to cave. My excuse being the £60 saved (on two pairs) will go towards new walking poles. Mine keep coming apart and David's were my dad's and since mum's have now fallen to pieces, he's given them back. So we both need new ones. That was bad planning. Although I've spied some at backpackinglight that will fit the bill, along with one or two other useful items I've got my little beadies on. I'm being patient...

Didn't walk into town today as I'd planned. I took one look at the weather forecast/warning and the black clouds approaching and took the easy, and dry, option. Glad I did in the end, it would've take a month to dry out!! Mind you, even that might have been preferable to the mountain of ironing I persuaded myself into doing. Still, I'm going to have so much time on my hands from next week. Ciara and Conall are going to be walking to and from school without me, so I can leave earlier, go further and return later from any little walking adventures I have.


Phreerunner said...

Louise, try before you buy - I'm amazed at how good Pacerpoles seem to be - find someone who has them and give them a try!
Have fun

Louise said...

Hi Martin, I'd noticed your penchant for Pacerpoles.

I'd been looking at them myself, but I'm really rubbish with this twist lock system that most poles have. David noticed some in a magazine at work the other day which had a different mechanism that he thought would be better for his inept wife (so she can do her own poles...) but can't remember who they were by. (And he says I'm inept!)

This is a decision I might actually take some time over.