Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Back on track

Ah, what a relief. The little treasures went back to school today. I now have two at secondary school, leaving two at primary. I finally have enough hands per child when we walk to school, hoorah!

The other upside is I escaped for a walk with Angela and Lyn today. Around 7.5 miles of varied landscape, but nothing taxing, just Angela pace which is taxing enough for some of us! Now Angela's youngest is at school, we no longer have to rush back, although she's starting college in two weeks time, so I may be back to walking alone. Which I shall be doing on Thursday as I will stroll into town to fetch my prescription. Seems silly to take the car on a 6 mile round trip when I have no other shopping to do and all this time on my hands, especially now Conall finishes later with Ciara now.

David and I are planning a little jaunt on Bank Holiday Monday. Only a little jaunt, because we need to be back for the children coming out of school ofcourse. It's a walk I've done with the girls near Dunphail and he's making me write a route plan. With GRs to boot. Good practice I'm sure.

I think this will be the way of things, lots of short walks, interspersed with occasionally more challenging routes, when time allows.

Excellent stuff.

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