Monday, 30 March 2009

Prettying up

I've realised this blog is devoid of photographs. Being as the main 40th birthday gift I recieved was a new digital camera, a Samsung GX10, I should really make more of an effort. I had intended to only post photographs relative to this blog originally, but I'm not so sure that will work now. So, to relieve the monotony of these pages, I shall insert a few of my favourites every now and again, although some may be pre-Samsung, 'cos I like some of those too!
Walking near Gairloch, overlooking the 'Fairy Lochs' towards somewhere in the direction of Beinn Eighe and Liathach, I think. (It was 4 years ago. I've got old since then.)

On the mountain trail at the Beinn Eighe nature reserve. It's definately Loch Maree peeping in from the left hand side.

From Big Sand, Gairloch, looking towards Port Erradale

From Big Sand, looking towards the Torridons

From Big Sand campsite, looking over the dunes (and other campers, in this case Germans) towards Skye.

We frequent the Gairloch Marine Life Centre every year, last year we were looking towards Skye and were lucky enouth to see Minke Whale at the same time.

These two were both taken from the trail at Knockan Crag, looking towards the Coigach.

Looking over the marshes at the Findhorn estuary, over Culbin forest with, I think, Little Wyvis and Ben Wyvis in the background, snow capped.


Alan Sloman said...

Lovely pictures - The far north west is a magical place.

Louise said...

It's spectacular. The first time we drove across there, it was breathtaking, just awesome. Three months today, we'll be back, not that I'm counting!