Monday, 30 March 2009

39 miles = 1 lb

Or was it the New Shoes?

I totalled 39 miles last week, with two short walks on consecutive days. Not really exciting stuff. Except I did manage to walk along a path with a shear drop down to the raging torrent of the Findhorn, unusual in both cases.

New Shoes? Again, not very exciting and Rhiannon's fault really. Had a trip to the orthodontist and had time to kill, accidentally fell into Millets. Fairly uninspiring as a rule, but they did have some decent reductions on footwear. I happened across a pair of Merrell Siren Ventilator shoes that didn't break the bank and as I'd gone through the heels of my Karrimors, decided I deserved some. They feel a bit odd at the moment, I'm just getting used to the extra support and according to the blurb, they're designed specifically for a woman's gait, but they are comfy in that they don't rub, I haven't had sore heels or blisters and my feet are held firmly in place whilst allowing for any expansion on a long walk. Because it's been quite fresh outdoors this last week, I've noticed the 'ventilation', I think I'll appreciate this if it's warm in the summer.

I've been getting lost this week too, but not outside. The journeys you can go on through the blogging world can be quite extraordinary. The ideas and information are great and the amount of solo women backpackers I've happened across are awe inspiring. I think it could become quite obsessive to 'stroll' through blogs, but very useful to see how other people plan their routes and the equipment they chose and why.

The 1lb? That's what I lost over the week, although after this weekend, I'm sure it'll have returned! Don't usually get out much over the Easter break, can never get all the children to agree to the same walk and the battle takes away the joy of being out, but Rhiannon is old enough to be home alone for a few hours now, so maybe it's going to get easier from now on. We'll see.

I'm garbling, I'll go now. Huge pile of ironing before I'm allowed near the maps again. Bah.

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