Sunday, 26 May 2019

Another Corbett, Another Trig

We decided it was time for another hill, so on a beautiful Sunday we headed for the hills, specifically Corryhabbie Hill.

We arrived at the makeshift parking area to find to other vehicles parked so badly that we could not fit our car in easily. Idiots, sigh. Anyway, we found a way and off we went. The route takes you first along the road towards Elivreid Farm, then through a gate and across farmland towards Knockanbeg before gradually, gently making our way up hill via Shean Dhu and across the slightly rougher ground of Hill of Achmore.
After the short climb we climbed the more gentle Spur of Little Lapprach before the slightly sharper climb of Muckle Lapprach. Here we visited the spot height of 730m, another hillbagger leaving just before we arrived turned to wave his pole as he descended towards the River Livet. We headed for the trig at 781m before making our way to the shelter on Corryhabbie Hill.
Here we took a short break and had lunch, leaving just after the solo walker that was lunching when we arrived. He headed straight down off the hill, whereas we stuck to Morton's way, walking via Fords of Corhabbie to regain the path below Shean Dhu and return to the car.
Loved it! What a lovely day.

 Actually, we stepped over the wire to one side, the gates were a tad...rusty!

 Nice day for a hat!

Roughly 8.21 miles and 1754 feet total ascent

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