Friday, 3 March 2017

There has been walking, just not a lot…

Laura and I have enjoyed a couple of local walks lately that have been repeats of local walks. We were more focussed on the chatting and lunch than having adventures. We repeated a recent walk at Logie Steading before Christmas, then did a longer walk from my front door before she went on her travels again. Both walks were lovely, despite being somewhat familiar to us.


Logie’s rare breed cattle, feeling a little itchy


Happened across a stag!!




‘The Castle’



5.93 miles 711 ft total ascent

9.65 miles 647 ft total ascent

Mick and Gayle have been for a visit, primarily to introduce Bertie to us. He is very smart and I am quite smitten!

There was walking too, both from my front door. I have taken M&G onto Altyre Estate before, but not since we moved into town. I chose to take them on one of the longer walks that I do from my door, some parts of which they were vaguely familiar with but we had a lovely day and a good news phone call at lunch time, so we were all quite happy.


Gayle, taking advantage of my Photograph Rock…

9.28 miles 602 ft total ascent

And it was all lovely!!! Thank you.


Alan Sloman said...

It's the "Oh my God! It's only ten weeks to the Challenge!" moment, isn't it.

I'm currently a few miles behind my three miles a day target for the New Year to the Challenge, so am putting in a concerted effort to get back to plan. 40 miles last week, and still behind!

I do like your third picture.

Louise said...

It is indeed only 10 weeks...although I do have a fairly major distraction next Thursday...
My walking is going well. I have fallen behind by a few miles today as I have a cold that I *must* get rid of, but I've totalled roughly 120 miles a month so far 😊
Thank you! ☺

Alan Sloman said...

I hope Thursday goes well for you, Missy.


Good Lord...

Louise said...

I want to be as fit as possible before my enforced rest 😄

Gayle said...

We primarily came to see you, you know. Introducing Bertie was a convenient by-product of the visit.

Is it my imagination (or wishful thinking) or do my stumpy legs look quite long on that photo of me on the rock?

Louise said...

I was sitting on the ground looking up at you, maybe it's just the angle? 😂

Alan Sloman said...

Having been gobsmacked at your 120 miles per month, I've just done some sums to find that in the last month I clocked up 142 miles.
I blame you.
It's all your fault, raising the bar.

Louise said...

But there's no need to rub it in. Unlikely to reach 5 miles this week...