Saturday, 16 April 2016

For Alan

Alan likes to publish his gear list for the Challenge. Apparently, this is my fault, but I deny this. I did not publish the first Gear List, but he obviously saw mine and liked the idea…
Anyway, this year I have made a few changes, which I may, or may not, regret, so I’ve decided to publish my list, as much for my own records as for anyone’s interest.
Miscellaneous Items Weight g
Cards/Cash 30
3 inhalers 101
Camera 224
Charger 79
Compass 30
First Aid Kit 500
Glasses case 34
Handkerchief 15
Hand warmers 175
Head torch 47
iPod Shuffle 12
Maps 120
Mobile 141
Notepad/pencil 38
Trowel/paper 39
Walking poles 515
Laser Competition 960
Groundsheet protector 222
Pegs 110
Poles 155
Synmat 462
PHD Sleeping Bag 820
Pillow Case 87
Clothes (Carrying)
Bra 20
Hat (knitted) 71
Icebreaker leggings 186
Icebreaker shorts 46
Keen Whisper Sandals 476
Montane Prism Jacket 388
Rab Power Stretch 261
Smartwool base 149
Social socks 34
Socks 58
Sunglasses 39
Tights 87
Trousers (Marmot Scree Pants) 430
Tuff Bag mitts 80
Vest 71
Blue Towel 51
Cup 94
Jetboil Flash/Gas 661
Platty Soft Bottle x2 48
Washbag 200
Water Treatment 78
Liner 111
Osprey Exos 1,140
Raincover 121
Sea to Summit Daysack 95
Sitmat 32
Podsac L 66
Podsac M 52
Total Carry 10,061
Boots 1,448
Bra 20
Buff 51
Glasses 23
Gloves Power Stretch 43
Pants 46
Paramo Velez Light 575
Paramo Cascada II 478
Rab Lunar 210
Tilley 143
T-shirt 100
Total Wear 3,137
The figures may not be wholly accurate, (my patience runs out as I weigh things…) the list may not be complete (because me memory is shocking, and I struggle with tables and stuff…) my maths is rubbish, and there’s no food or water included. I don’t have so many resupply or eating out opportunities this year, so I’ll be carrying around 2kg or more of food…


Alan Sloman said...

Love it!
Especially "social socks", as opposed to anti-social socks?

Louise said...

Well, exactly!!

Gayle said...

I really ought to publish a gear list every now and again as I keep finding myself wondering "Did I carry this last trip?". On Offa's Dyke, as I spent night after night trying to get comfy on my short NeoAir (which worked just fine in the warmth of the Pyrenees), I tried and failed to remember whether I'd used it on the Southern Upland Way last spring. If only I'd recorded such useful information on my blog...

Louise said...

Ah, now, there ya go. Publish a gear list each trip and be proud!

Louise said... blog is, after all, really just a record of what I did when, nothing interesting to anyone else!