Thursday, 20 August 2015

New for Me, Return Visit for Laura

Ben Aigan has been on my To Do list for a long time and Laura had managed to nip up it without me, but it was her suggestion to do it yesterday, when an opportunity arose fairly last minute to bag another trig. So, I abandoned my car at Laura’s at a reasonable time of day and we went off in the van to the car park at the foot of Ben Aigan.

We were both a little shocked to find an abandoned caravan in the car park, complete with a couple of lawnmowers, boots, shoes, bedding and a flat screen TV. Some wag had been there before us.




Views on the way up


Laura at the trig




Not my choice of pose


Mast on the way back

A little faffing later and we were off. There may have been a map and couple of compasses between us, but we were on a straightforward and obvious track all the way. Wonderful views were had, flowers, mushrooms and butterflies were admired and a good lunch break was taken at the trigpoint. It was a really lovely outing in fact!

We saw no one else until we were making our way back, a solo lady walker (always makes us feel quite chuffed), an older gentleman with his dog and another chap in jeans. As usual, we felt over-prepared.

Roughly 7.5 miles and an amount of up.


Laura said...

Really enjoyable walk - don't forget the woodpeckers!

Louise said...

Oo, yes! We saw woodpeckers!