Thursday, 2 July 2015

Time to Kill in Callander

Ciara was given a spot on the High Performance Training weekend in June as Aedan was ‘incapacitated’ at the beginning of May, so we took the opportunity to go for a walk.

We had deposited Ciara at the venue by 9 am and headed straight to the local Co-op to get provisions then went off to find the public conveniences. These were situated at the Pay and Display which was only a couple of quid and as that would partly go towards the cost of the upkeep of the toilets, we happily paid and displayed.

On closer inspection, the weather didn’t look up to much and I generally refuse point blank to climb a hill with no view from the top, so I voted not to climb Ben Ledi as we had planned (to test the ankle) but to go for a stroll along the Rob Roy Way to a little beyond Stank Glen, then return along woodland paths.

The first part of the route follows an old railway line of which there is some evidence along the way. The path goes through pleasant surroundings and the occasional views we got suggested it would have been a nice train ride. We met a few people mainly at the beginning of the walk and then a little later around the holiday park area. Most spoke.


Evidence of a previous life


First for me, Water Avens


More evidence


Ornamental something or other



We just walked and chatted, it was a nice, if unremarkable outing. We even found a cafe to have a cup of tea at the Strathyre Cabins Holiday Park, Stank Glen. The Wildlife Ranger there was an interesting, ex-military chap who obviously had a very Scottish chip on his shoulder. I sat quietly in the corner. After finishing our tea, we walked on for a while, taking the forestry path uphill and round the corner to head back in the direction from whence we came.


Looking kinda north-ish

We eventually started to look for a place to stop for lunch, but by now we were off the Way, which had had the occasional bench, and there weren’t any handy logs or rocks on which to perch. After some time, we found an old log pile that was just about suitable, but it didn’t have much of a view and no breeze. Not long after stopping, I was up and about again, marching and munching to escape the midgies that had started to plague us. Oh well. We continued.


Bit of a rubbish lunch view


Looking right…


…and left


A view later up the track


Loch Lubnaig


Glad we didn’t head up


Roughly towards Stirling


North again

There wasn’t much excitement on the way back either, we bumped into a DofE group on expedition, twice, as we were slightly misplaced and took a circuitous route at a junction to pass them again. Whoops!

Overall, a very pleasant stroll on a dampish day, but enjoyable all the same.

Roughly 11.3 miles and 1822 ft total ascent.


AlanR said...

We enjoyed the RRW. A pleasant backpacking week. We popped into the cafe and were quite surprised how well stocked it was. Put us in good spirits for the forestry plod to Balquider.

Louise said...

It was indeed well stocked, nice toilets too!

Craig said...

lovely walk

Louise said...

It was. Now, to get the others written up!