Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I first met the inimitable Jane Egg in May 2010. She was on her first Challenge I believe, the year that David and I didn't get in.
She was standing by the bridge at Bridge of Oich and asked us for directions to Fort Augustus.
Later, when we were having fish suppers at the chippy, Jane arrived and went to the chippy to get a meal before going on to Blackburn bothy.

A year later, I met Jane again, this time at Shiel Bridge. I was panicking about a river crossing on the first day of my route and whilst we chatted, it tuned out Jane was going the same way, "Walk with me! I'll look after you." And she did.
We walked together for the first day, rescuing The Cowboy when he fell in a stream, crossing the river with no issues, sheltering behind some large boulders at the top of the bealach for lunch and frequently paddling through bog as we fell off the path constantly on our way to the Youth Hostel at Alltbeithe. We sheltered for a while in the porch, avoiding a prolonged shower, before making use of the facillites and then making our way along River Affric to find a camp spot. In the pouring rain. On boggy ground (that was to get much wetter) that was full of ticks.
It was a stormy night, during which time Jane's tent came unpegged. In the morning, poor Jane cried "Oh no! Even my spare pants are wet!" Oh dear.
I set off a few minutes after Jane, but caught up with her at Athnamullach, where she was having a crafty fag in the shelter of the buildings. She had a schedule to meet, so I happily sent her on her way so as not to slow her down. I caught up with her later in the day, just as she was leaving Cougie having dried out her smalls.

I met with Jane so many times over the rest of that first and my subsequent Challenges and she was always so friendly and full of life.
I have some lovely memories of Jane Egg.

The river

Our lunch stop

The wet

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Gayle said...

The first time we met Jane was at Coignafearn Old Lodge, where she had paused and didn't hear us coming. She positively leapt in the air when we said hello, but soon rallied and a discussion about carrying 5 spare t-shirts ensued.

As you know, Jane won my personal award for the best statement ever made on a walk across Scotland with "There I was contouring around Mount Keen, and suddenly there was a bloody trig point in front of me!".

A truly fantastic woman, with great character.

Louise said...

An extraordinary woman. Can't help but smile when I think of her.

Gordon Green said...

I was shocked to read, only today, about Jane (I was away for a week -with no wifi).

Jane will leave many different memories with all those who were fortunate enough to have met her.

I met her on a number of occasions and all those times will be remembered with a smile.

On one occasion she explained that she was carrying a full set of maps for the whole Challenge.

She had her own unique approach to the Challenge. And, she had her own unique lifestyle. I'll miss her.

Louise said...

You're right Gordon, Jane left an impression on everyone she met, a truely extraodinary woman she will be sadly missed but always remembered with a smile.

Phreerunner said...

She certainly had 'style' did Jane. I recall her relating some of her TGOC trials and tribulations to our trekking group in Turkey.
"It was raining so hard that I had to dig a hole in my tent porch to have a poo,"
More tales were forthcoming, and we could see Tessa, Jane's tent share on that trip, retreating to a far corner as Jane graphically explained her technique of peeing into her kettle rather than braving the weather outside.
Dear Jane, she will be sadly missed.

Louise said...

Just brilliant! Could only be Jane :-D