Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Great Outdoors Challenge 2014 Gear List


For those that may be interested.

In alphabetical order (sorry). All weights in grams (unless otherwise stated) and approximate and items may be subject to change (if I change my mind. I’m allowed!)


2 cards/cash in holder 30
3 inhalers 101
Bottle Water to Go 138
Blue towel 51
Camera 224
Charger 41
Compass 30
Cup 94
Exped packliner 115
Exped yellow 45
First Aid Kit 447
Gaiters Trekmates 68
Glasses case 34
Gloves 80
Handkerchief 15
Handwarmers (disposable) 175
Hat purple 20
Head torch Petzl e-llite 47
Icebreaker leggings 186
iPod Shuffle 12
Jetboil Flash/gas 661
Keens sandals 564
Laser Competition outer/inner 823
Maps x3 120
Mobile/GPS 141
Montane Prism jacket 388
Notepad/pen 18
Pants 46
Pegs and pole 295
Pillow case purple 49
Platty Soft Bottle x2 48
Podsacs L 66
Podsacs M 52
Raincover 121
Ronhills 222
Rucksack Osprey Exos 58 1140
Sitmat 32
Sleeping bag PHD 820
Smartwool base 154
Socks 50
Sun cream 69
Sunglasses 39
Synmat/pump 502
TGO Fleece 197
Trowel/paper 39
Washbag 433
Water treatment 78
Windproof 160
Total 9280
Food 1881

Total carried 11.161kg



Boots 1448
Buff 51
Gloves 43
Paramo Velez smock 734
Socks 50
Tilley 143
Trousers Paramo Quito 404
T-shirt Icebreaker 106
Underwear 20
Walking poles 515
Total 3514

And, my maths is notoriously dodgy…

EDIT Ah, that’s better.


Gordon Green said...

Thanks for letting folk have a peek at your gear, Louise.

Looks a comprehensive list.

My only comment is about the; Hat purple and the Pillow case purple: but, you did say the list was subject to change :-)

Have a good one. May see you on route or in Montrose.

Louise said...

Hi Gordon!

It looks so much prettier as a spreadsheet, I don't like it on my blog at all, but being completely un-techy, that's the way it is.

As to the hat and pillow case, purple, well, I suppose that's more a means of identification for me if I have a choice! But a lot of my gear seems to be purple...

I suspect we'll see you in Montrose, have an excellent one!

FellBound said...

Ah at last! Another kit list. I was getting withdrawal symptoms.

This doesn't look that different to mine yet it comes out 1kg lighter. Perhaps it's because you go for a purple colour scheme whilst a lot of my stuff is blue.

Not long now!

Alan Sloman said...

I've almost completed my gear list - in a better format than last year's - but now I'm off to make Trinnie a fitted porch floor that weighs about 50grams.

Then I need to order some more food, then.....

Louise said...

I've always wondered if maybe larger sizes of simular things can make much weight difference. I wouldn't have expected 1kg, but if you're looking at the all up weight, I don't carry a massive amount of food.
Not long, not long at all ;-)

Louise said...

Crack on Sloman! You're going to be late and completely unprepared at this rate.
Bit late to be ordering more food too. You should have lists sir!

Alan Sloman said...

My PA, Mad'n'Bad, sends me my updated list on a daily basis, thank you.

Steadily working through the non-time-critical ones at the moment. Loads of time for the rest!

Alan Sloman said...

I've just bought some more gear.

Titanium skewers to hold down my Custom-Built Beautiful Trailstar Porch Floor!

It really is a wonder of the modern world...


Louise said...

Just the fresh food to purchase and a cake to bake, and that's it!

Best have a get-together with my partner-in-crime and make sure we're both up to speed.

Laura said...

Are you speaking about me? Not home yet but will be soon - then I'll sort out my gear....

Louise said...

Yes lovely, but I'm being patient. Honest!

Anonymous said...

Hm? Why do you list the tent as Inner/Outer and Poles/Pegs? Surely you need it all! I used to be quite obsessed about cutting the weight gramme-by-gramme but I find the Exos (46 for me) is so comfy I don't really notice a few extra luxuries. Maybe I'll get round to recalculating my current total pack weight, as yours seems quite low considering all the stuff you carry. See you Up North in a few weeks.

Louise said...

Well, ya see, it wasn't me! David originally made the spreadsheet for me and it's very fancy, so I haven't changed it. I do indeed need the whole tent, but I vary the pegs I take. That may be why they are listed seperately? Or it could have been a hangover of listing the Voyager split between two. Who knows.
I love my Exos and it does carry so well. I did try squeezing all my kit into the 46, but it didn't go! I was probably being quite gentle with it (as it was going back if it didn't fit, didn't want to break it!) but I do like rummage room, so much easier.
Wow. Two weeks today I meet Laura off the bus (or train, I haven't planned this bit...)
I Can't Wait!!!
See you somewhere...

Louise said...

*separately. Grrrr. Morning fingers.