Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Happy Birthday!

This little blog is now five years old! I can’t believe it’s five years since I first heard about The Great Outdoors Challenge, via The Adventure Show, and decided it was ‘the thing for me’. I have loved the planning, the research, the walk, the people I’ve met and everything about it! And this blog has been mainly about the adventures I’ve had along the way. One day, I hope to be able to share the Big Adventure with TTS as that was the idea at the very beginning, but that’s not yet feasible. I’ll just keep plodding on with the best friends I’ve ever had until my Bestest Ever Walking Buddy can join in all the fun (but I still get to do all the planning…)



Yep, should be fun!!


Alan R said...

And many more.

Louise said...

Thank you Alan!

Alan Sloman said...

I've enjoyed every blog piece.

Keep 'em coming!

Louise said...

Thank you lovely! You and your blog played a large part in getting me started on this Challenge thing, so take a bow and a large slice of the blame xx

Phreerunner said...

Happy Birthday Blog
I've enjoyed catching up. Say hello to M&G if they are still in your garden...
(on a rare visit to Timperley)

Louise said...

Hi Martin, between your travels! Thank you. M&G are having a break from glamping in my garden, but they will be back and I'm planning some walks in readiness. Looking forward to reading about what you get up to next :-)