Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sunshine in a bag

So that all left me with an idea in my head, a bee in my bonnet, an itch that needed scratched, I could go on.

I found my self having a good dig around in all sorts of places, the hat and gloves box, a couple of wardrobes, my quartermaster’s stores, looking for something, the right thing, the one in the vision in my head. I’m not quite sure how I ended up poking about in the airing cupboard, but I came up with this…


For those of you that don’t have children, or have long since forgotten the transition stage from nappies, (or haven’t had a visitor with bladder problem to stay…) you won’t recognise this as waterproof or rubber sheet. But that’s what it is!

At first it felt a little wrong to want to cut it up, but then I opened it out and discovered that one of those little treasures that had used it when small had been at it with scissors already! Luckily not in such a way as to make it useless to me now, but I felt a whole lot better about whipping out a felt tip and a pair of scissors, along with my sewing machine, for a little play.

And here it is!


My tent bag

I’ve used a spare guy to thread through the top, which could also double as, oh, I don’t know, a spare guy! (If required in an emergency) I had a spare thingy for tightening (can’t think of the technical term, it’ll come to me) and I’m considering decorating it as white isn’t my favourite colour.


Shorter, fatter and flatter, just like I wanted

Before anyone asks, it’s about 24g more than the original bag. I can live with that. It would be fair to say I’m quite chuffed.


Gordon Green said...

Such ingenuity!

What's 24 grms?

And, here is the question .... is the bag waterproof?

It could be used for carrying water from a burn, for instance?

Louise said...

Oh, the 24g is the difference between the two bags, the new one being 46g (clearly not worth worrying about!) as to it being waterproof, it is probably enough to not get things wet if I were to squeeze it into my rucksack containing a damp tent, but I don't think I could carry water int it. I might try though!

Gayle said...

I could do with finding the time to whip myself up a new stove bag. Even have the fabric for it (not a waterproof sheet in my case!). Alas, a lack of time suggests that the chipmunk-chewed old stove bag is going to get one last outing. Oh well, it has character (and a tendency for the spoons to drop through the hole).

Louise said...

Have to say, I hadn't expected to find knocking up something so simple to be so exraodinarily satisfying. If only I could be bothered to get my sewing machine out more often....

Stan said...

A gal can never have too many spare guys hanging around !

Louise said...

Oh ho ho Mr Appleton! :-D