Friday, 22 February 2013

Lovely day

So I got one of those lovely surprise emails the other day, entitled “A bimble on Friday?”

Unsurprisingly the answer was a resounding “Yes please!”

I may have made a few suggestions as to where we could go, but we had to wait for a little man first to come and fix my downstairs powder room. He was on time and very quick and after busying ourselves making a few sandwiches, drinking tea and discussing marmalade, Mick, Gayle and I were soon our way to park Colin at Hopeman. From there we set off on the Moray Coast Trail, heading east.


Looking west


Still looking west


The lookout

This is a very pleasant trail with often stunning views. The magnificent Moray coastline is a well kept secret and I have walked quite a lot of this trail, sometimes heading east, sometimes west but I haven’t yet done the bit between Lossiemouth and Buckie. The Buckie to Portsoy stretch is especially stunning with good views of the cliff nesting birds fulmars and puffins in the breeding season. I’ve only walked this stretch in shoddy weather but still loved it.

Today was another stunning day with barely a breath of wind, blazing sunshine and clear blue skies except the cloud gathering over the far coastline of the Black Isle.

We walked and chatted. We paused and photographed. We walked and chatted some more and then lunched on the cliff top just before Covesea. I was treated to a slab of home made tea loaf, all the more impressive for its production on board Colin. Yum yum.


Looking east!


Long golden beach stretching west…


…to east

Soon we were walking the long golden beach from Covesea that leads all the way into Lossiemouth. I impressed myself by finding the Harbour Lights tea room, I’ve only ever skimmed the edge of the town before and it’s bigger than I thought. The cafe served us some of the best coffee I’ve had in a long time (I’ll still be awake next month) and we chatted some more as we waited for our TTS taxi back to collect Colin.

According to Viewranger 7.12 miles, 2.4 mph average and 616 ft total ascent. A thoroughly marvellous day, thank you for inviting me!


Gayle said...

A marvellous day it was. We'll be looking forward to your next suggestion for a walk location, when we're next in the area. We'll try to bring good weather then too, but I fear that this luck can't hold out much longer, given our track record!

Louise said...

If it's in August around the Cairngorms somewhere, I have a plan... ;-)

Laura said...

Well er - I did go shopping for a new coffee machine........


fell running guide said...

Looks beautiful. Don't get chance to run by the sea very often.