Thursday, 24 January 2013

It wasn’t me!

I had been thinking that at some point in the future I would have to replace me Paramo Velez, but I’m still very happy with it at the moment and was really just musing about what I would replace it with. A couple of weeks ago David and I had to play taxis as our girls wanted to go to Inverness shopping (bleugh, grrr, groan) so we treated ourselves to lunch and then went for a little browse. We accidentally fell into Craigdon Mountain Sports and after wondering upstairs I found myself sporting a rather lovely Alta II jacket. I think it was the colour that lured me to it, Foxglove/Elderberry. After admiring this rather lovely jacket for a while, examining it in quite some detail, I popped it back onto its hanger and onto the rack. This would be a good replacement, one day. (Especially at that price, £245 RRP, I’d be saving for a while!)

Just out of curiosity I had a little look on a certain auction website and there were indeed a few Alta II jackets, although none in the rather fetching combination I’d tried on. The one that caught my eye was this:


Paramo Alta II Heather/Damson

It had a very attractive price, £99 plus £4 postage and no bids.

I showed it to David.

Apparently he kept and eye on it.

And yesterday, it arrived!

Now all I need is a walk to go and try it out.


Laura said...

OOOH! Nice colour! It will be warmer - I sent mine back to Paramo to be recycled (well I'd had it a long time) and the £50 voucher went some way to buying me a pair of Quito trousers!

Alan Sloman said...

I don't care who bought it...
David's feeding your habit...
Gear Monstah!

Very fetching, by the way.
Packed yet?

Louise said...

It's pretty! It may be warmer (don't know yet) but I think the venting is more versatile. I like the idea of venting my upper arms. We'll see. At less than half price, it's worth a whirl xx

Louise said...


Just adding to my small Paramo collection ;-)
Purple is also the current trend. I'll match my mobile and soft bottles, blend with trousers, tops and boots, but clash with my Osprey and 'waterproof' sandals :-(

I'll be having a practice pack soon, the excuse being D of E Exped training for my Bronze Guide group.

My excuse, I'm sticking to it...

Alan Sloman said...

So does this mean there will be a new co-ordinated rucksack and waterproof shoes, then? I've seen this all before...

"What? This old thing? I've had it ages!...."

Louise said...


No, really, no.

I love them both, they'll *have* to fall apart first, literally.

(I promise, David xx)

Theo said...

The chest pocket of the Alta II jacket isn't waterproof Louise. Be carefull what you put inside.

Louise said...

Thanks for that, mind you, nor is the Velez chest pocket and I tend to go for a belt, braces and two pairs of pants approach to cover all eventualities!
Is it just me?! :-)

Phil said...

Miss W has had her Alta 2 for just over a year. Loves it!

Louise said...

That's a relief! It's good to know when someone thinks something is a good bit of kit.

That is not well put. I'm very tired :-/