Thursday, 15 November 2012

Another excellent day

When Laura and I walked on Tuesday, the idea had been mooted that we walk again today, but nothing more was said or planned. Until last night when, sitting at archery I thought that actually, I really ought to take advantage of having the car to myself while David is away, and promptly sent Laura a text asking if she was still free. Obviously, she was, or this would be a pointless post! Arrangements were made and this morning, on another spectacular day, I found myself heading over the Lecht once again.

SDC14219 Glorious day

I arrived around about the time I’d said (I think, or maybe slightly later) and was offered coffee which I gratefully accepted. It had been a long time since breakfast. After a little bit of faffing and a quick map discussion, we decided to ask John for a lift to a suitable point to save a bit of a road walk. This turned out to be an excellent move and we were soon on our way on good tracks over moorland with wonderful views on a fabulous day in the best company.

SDC14225 Tree routes entwined around a rock

SDC14227Lochnagar is in those clouds, but we weren’t going there today. Luckily!

SDC14228 Glen Girnock

We had our lunch in the shelter of an old steading before continuing on our way, towards Lochnagar distillery.

SDC14230 The road behind

SDC14229 Straight road ahead

SDC14231 Distant trees

SDC14233 Distillery

SDC14235 Impressive chap

8.28 miles, 2.2 mph average, 1105 ft total ascent 3 hrs 48 mins including pauses and lunch.

Days like this are simply the best.


Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

Nice looking ram, that. Very horny.

Nice to see you are out on the trail Louise.

I've suffered withdrawal since last trip with Lynsey & Mr Walker.

Hope you are well.

Louise said...

Hello stranger! I'm still getting out for the odd stroll and Laura and I have managed more than average this year, snow hasn't stopped play. Yet! Need to do a bit more in the spring though. Seem to have planned a lumpy route for the Challenge next May. Oo er!
Finished your write up yet, eh?!

Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

Excellent. I have been slow at reading & writing stuff lately mainly due to massive workload and tons going on at home. I just haven't been bothered with getting into anything requiring concentration.

Also I haven't been out on the hill anywhere near enough and consequently am a bit Pi55ed off.

I'm hoping a quick hill-fix in december will sort me out.

As for TGO... ....don't get me started :-)

Louise said...

Sounds all about right. It's only since the children have been more self sufficient that our walking prospects have improved. I still walk without David often, but this year we've started leaving them overnight occasionally. A revelation!
You're still young, the hills will still be there in ten years time (just don't think about the turbines...)