Thursday, 9 August 2012

Stuff and nonsense

I have to sing the praises of Fuizion Freeze Dried Meals. On Saturday 28th July I ordered two breakfasts from Fuizion, just for David to try. They arrived on Tuesday morning, 31st July. I was somewhat surprised to receive a duplicate order the following morning and being the good person that I am (naughty TTS said just keep it) I emailed Alison at Fuizion to explain and offer to return the meals for reimbursement of P & P. I was a bit chuffed to get an email to thank me for my honesty,  a suggestion that they may have been over efficient and that I might like to keep the duplicate order. What nice people at Fuizion! Their products and service are always excellent and I will be happy to keep ordering from them.

I haven’t been so pleased about having to visit A & E twice in three days, due to the careless men folk in my family.

Just before lunch on Monday, Aedan was summoned into the kitchen and the door firmly closed. This usually means someone is in trouble but I had no clue what he might have done.  A short while later, David emerged and I went to the back porch to do some chore or other, but he called to me to stop what I was doing and take him to hospital. (This is the second time in fourteen years that the day after returning from holiday I’ve had to make an emergency dash. It’s a habit I’m not liking.) Somehow, whilst clearing the draining board of washing up, he’d manage to stick a knife, new and extremely sharp, into his forearm. We had to wait about an hour and a quarter in the emergency department before he was stapled together and I could take him home. (Last time he was doing the same thing but manage to smash a Bodum cafetiere and slash his other arm. I’d left him ironing whilst I collected the dog from kennels.)

On Wednesday, I’d popped out for my brisk walk. As I was on my return journey, my mobile rang and Rhiannon informed me Aedan had got up too quickly (again) and passed out in the kitchen, whacking his head off the butcher’s block island and gashing his eyebrow. There was blood. I gave advice to stem the flow and speeded up a bit to get home. By the time I got there, the blood had stopped, but it was quite a gaping wound that needed attention, so David was summoned (eventually, he lives in a black hole for communication) and another trip to A & E ensued. This time it took only twenty minutes for his head to be glued back together.

Both appear to be making rather elaborate attempts to get out of kitchen work. NOT HAPPENING BOYS!!

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