Monday, 26 March 2012

Into the blue

The weather Ooop North at the moment is stunning. Ridiculously warm in fact. Record breaking you could say. The sort of weather when one should go out for a walk. Except, somehow, it was too hot and I was feeling somewhat lethargic.

I’ve  also gone off walking the cycle path recently after a couple of minor incidents involving a cyclist and a fellow walker, (actually, she was a Proper Walker ‘cos she was Power Walking, tsk) but I decided I would miss the rush by leaving early and extending my route by a couple of my miles so returning slightly later. A gentle stroll to the beach and back might be quite refreshing, so off I went. I took a small daysack so that I could take some water (it was really hot!) and my camera.

SG103328Looking towards Roseisle

SG103329Ben Wyvis is in the Haar. Somewhere

SG103331 Looking into the blue


It was indeed quite a pleasant wee stroll, there was plenty of birdlife including hearing a chiffchaff in the same copse as I heard my first one last week and seeing my first pair of meadow pipits of the year. I think the chiffchaff is still lonely, there didn’t seem to be any replies to it’s calls. I kept an eye out for my osprey in the bay as I know EJ has returned to Boat of Garten and mine are usually a week or so behind, but there was no sign of them.

SG103337Towards Califer Hill

Then I went home.

Speaking of the weather, it has been very dry over the eastern half of the country. There have been a few heath fires already in the last week. I’m hoping we’re not going to have a repeat of last year…



Andrew W said...

I think you need to go and sort this weather out.
It did this last year, and then in May we had wind and rain and gales and all manner of nasty stuff.

If you could manage to postpone Summer in t North until mid May that would be jus perfect.

Carl Mynott @Locomountaineer said...

What like, a load of heath fires followed by a 'wettest ever' challenge?

I hope not too!

Louise said...

It's ok, they're forecasting snow for the end of the week...