Friday, 12 August 2011

Full marks

During the Challenge, my Rab gaiters had developed a fault. One of the rivets at the bottom of each gaiter holding the hook on had come out, so the hook was swinging. Strangely, over time, David’s pair had developed a different fault.

Last week I finally got around to packaging them up and returning them to Webtogs from whence they came last November. I received an email to say they had arrived and been forwarded to Rab for investigation. I had assumed that David’s would be repaired and returned and that mine might have to be replaced.

Imagine my delight when I received a package this morning containing two new pairs, ten days after I first posted the original pairs! Excellent service I’d say and this happy customer will be returning to make more purchases sometime in the near future.

Another success has been the purchase of a Gram-Counter Gear Side Guy Kit from Ultralight. Again, a very quick service (I love free P&P, especially living in the north of Scotland, some companies seem to find it an outrageous £20 of difficult to reach!) and I’ve experimented by attaching a Grip Clip to my Kraz and pitched it in the garden to see if it helps with the saggy bottom (the tent, not mine!) Success, a very useful bit of kit and the second one (they come as a pair) is light enough to carry, with a length of guy and the spare peg, if my long side ever decides to get overly flappy in a stiff breeze.



SG103226  After

Of course, still not the best pitching ever, but I was limited by the obstacles…

Happy, happy, happy.


Alan R said...

Both of those companies are amongst the best when it comes to customer service and you can’t grumble with Free P&P.
I recently ordered a GoLite brolley from a company in Manchester and the P&P was £6. I thought thats a bit steep, i can go and pick it up myself. Cutting it short, i paid it and then on delivery found it was posted in New York! No customs,Vat or anything.

The side guys are a great benefit. Lots of uses in fact.
The Litehouse solo is not that dissimilar to your very own Kraz either when it comes to shape.

Louise said...

Hi Alan
I love both these sites and there are one or two others that offer excellent service and free postage.
I've looked at the Litehouse and actually quite fancy it (if I was going to buy another tent yet, which I am restraining myself!) I think it solves the problem I have with the door on the Kraz. The storm flap is the wrong way, if you pitch the low into the wind which seems logical. Rain is pushed through the zip at the moment, but I'm working on that. The Litehouse obviously has the door at the end, which is very clever.