Saturday, 23 July 2011

A few Orkney short walks (and some aimless planning…)

We did a few (very) short walks whilst on Orkney, the first being an all inclusive walk. We perused the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Barnhouse before strolling around the nature reserve to the Ring of Brodgar and back. There was wildlife and we also collected two geocaches en route.


SG102866 Ring of Brodgar

2.88 miles, 48 ft ascent, not long!

(I did say short walks, didn’t I?)

The  second was very pleasant, walking along cliff tops heaving with wildlife to the Kitchener Memorial and returning along deserted country lanes, and with no geocaching.

SG102917The Kitchener Memorial

4.08 miles, 430 ft ascent, a bit longer. There was much dawdling.

The third also manage to encompass most of the above (no real history bits) from the house to the Loch of Kirbister and back and was even shorter.

2.23 miles, 101 ft ascent, not long.

The next walk at Mull Head I thought was a bit longer, but was actually slightly shorter again, but there was history and wildlife. The geocaching was drive by.

SG103118Deer Sound

3.8 miles, 640 ft ascent, quite a while, there was lots to look at.

Finally, there was the Earls Bu, Swanbister, Breck circuit, again shortish, but nature, history and geocaching was ‘enjoyed’.

SDC12156 I’m a Challenger, I can do anything, ahem…

3.42 miles, 178 ft ascent. A little while.

Sadly, since my return, I’ve been feeding my habit. My map habit that is.

I’ve been planning ‘possible’ future TGO routes. I was quietly congratulating myself for having completed a rather nice route (nothing new to most, but a progression for me) when I suddenly realised the flaw in my plan. This was a step up. A bit more adventurous. It required not one, but two FWAs. Oh dear.

The first was not too bad, but if there continued to be a problem with the weather, I’d need a second. That one was more tricky. It would be much longer and I’d probably lose my rest day. Not a complete disaster, but not my preferred option.

A solution (or maybe wimpy option) would be to do a different first FWA that would then avoid the need for a second and retain my rest day, but it bypasses the main reason for this route, Nethybridge.

A dilemma to ponder…

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