Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Whoops. How did that happen?

I thought I’d got all the kit I required, having finally purchased waterproof matches, TH5 Tilley hat and a travel toothbrush (I really tried to convince myself I could live without that and just buy a gash toothbrush at each campsite, but I just couldn’t quite do it), so I decided yesterday was the day to order the final food supplies, my main meals from Fuizion and some Stoats porridge bars. Along with oat cakes, tinned fish (I’ll be prepared for odour free disposal…), squeezy cheese (has to be done), Ainsley Harriott’s cuppa soups, hot chocolate, horlicks, Glenmorangie (maybe Tamdhu…) and jelly babies, I should have enough to keep me going.
David then mentioned we need some reproofer, which found me on the web again today at one of my favourite sites, Webtogs. Whilst there, I happened across some Icebreaker items and one thing lead to another and on a different site, I found an Icebreaker top in my basket. A Dash Zip to be precise. In Salsa/Silver. Oh dear, that’s a shame.
It wasn’t my fault! (But I’m quite excited…)
Oh, there’s been a little walking, but not much. Louise and I took her little niece and the beagle for a short walk on Monday, a slightly different route, which was nice, but I don’t think we’ll be allowed to babysit that little niece again, having returned her with a minor laceration to the knee. Ahem.
Today I was supposed to walk to Roseisle and be collected by the Trusty Sidekick, but had an invitation to walk with a friend and two of her dogs at Culbin, so I opted to walk to her house first, around four miles, then walk the dogs for a further couple before she kindly gave me a lift home. Very pleasant.
Fuzion food ordered Tuesday, arrived Thursday. Excellent service! I haven't tried any yet, so this is a bit of a gamble, but all the reviews I've seen have been good, and I tend to think that after a hard day walking, I'll be hungry enough to eat a scabby donkey between two rusty bread vans, so I'm sure I'll be happy. We'll soon see!
Reproofer from Webtogs and porridge bars from Stoats arrived Friday, so equally good service. The Dash is despatched…

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